Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- HBO's Eastbound & Down, which returns on February 19th, will be bringing back Will Farrell's Ric Flair inspired character. The character is said to be a lot wilder for the new season. Kenny freakin' Powers!! :-)

-- While this likely won't happen, Simon Kelly Inoki, a promoter in Japan, is trying to put together a Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko bout but it would be a pro wrestling match instead of MMA. Inoki said they are trying to get Lesnar to wrestle for the IGF promotion and are also trying to get Fedor to debut in pro wrestling.

-- As noted before, WrestleMania 29 looks to be held at Cowboys Stadium in Texas. The idea was recently brought up within WWE to have WrestleMania 30 held in Texas and not New York City at Madison Square Garden. That idea was shot down because the feeling is that WrestleMania has to be held at MSG every 10 years.

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