Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Zack Ryder was at LucasFilm in California working on an unconfirmed project of some kind. Ryder may be off television for a few weeks to see his chokeslam at the hands of Kane.

-- Next week's Smackdown taping in Las Vegas is advertising the "infamous Roulette Wheel,": which will be the RAW Roulette gimmick. Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a steel cage is being advertised locally.

-- Comic book writer Jim Shooter posted a recent blog about his involvement with WWE in the early 1990s when Valient Comics was doing a WrestleMania series for the company. He talks a lot about the problems he had working with them, including the company demanding that the Ultimate Warrior's nose look smaller even though Shooter himself had traced an actual WWF photo of Warrior to create the artwork. Shooter went to company headquarters to show them that it was a trace and they still demanded the changes. He didn't change it and later got a thank you for the changes anyway. You can see the blogs at

-- Seats are still available in all price categories for the WWE Hall of Fame. The pre-sale codes are GOHEAT and WWEHOF.

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