-- New developmental Diva Britani Knight could be on TV, according to her parents. Knight started at FCW this month and her mother, wrestler Sweet Saraya, said that she'll be on TV soon.

"I'm heart-broken she's left home but happy she's there. She's a bit homesick but it looks like she'll be picked to be on TV soon. She is the first 19-year-old girl from Europe to venture into FCW, and I think they'll fast-track her."

WWE reportedly has an internal policy against bringing developmental wrestlers to TV until they're 21; it remains to be seen if they will hold to that for Knight.

-- WWE sources indicate that there was indeed heat from officials on Tyler Reks for producing his "Midcard Mafia" YouTube show. A few weeks back, Reks made all of his videos private and has not released any new ones since.

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