With the discussion board growth and comments on the bottom of every article, I've decided to retire the Royal Ramble and start a new column entitled the "WWE Weekly Review." The article will expand and change as the weeks go on with more media and highlights of moments. Thanks for reading and contribute any ideas using the "Contact Us" link by clicking here.

Top Five Moments of WWE Raw

1. Kane and John Cena Backstage Brawl Great way to start the show and keep viewers intrigued for the end. Kane's return has been awesome and hopefully isn't stopped short at the Rumble.

2. No Alberto Del Rio WWE Raw seems a lot better without Del Rio dragging it down. Ricardo Rodriguez is more entertaining.

3. Jericho Appears Again The silent thing will get old fast, but it's nice to see him on WWE programming again.

4. The Funkasaurus Debuts It was surprising and funny. Let Clay have his funny moments as Kane and Mark Henry use up the monster gimmick talent spots for now. A future heel turn will change the character eventually.

5. Dolph Ziggler in the Main Event WWE needs to keep building him up. Vickie draws great heat for him already and a future WWE Title run will make him the best heel on Raw.

Friday Night Smackdown in 25 Words

Big Show knocks out AJ. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes get victories. Heath Slater loses again and the Barrett/Sheamus feud continues. Fast forward the rest.

WWE DVD Releases

No new WWE DVD releases this week. Have a Royal Rumble Anthology marathon to prepare for the 2012 event.

Top Tweets of the Week

Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler): "CNN headline: 'SAD NEWS FOR TWINKIES FANS.' Trust me, they're already sad....What will they dry their lonely tears on now?"

Zack Ryder (@ZackRyder): "The rumors are true...I have more twitter followers than @mikethemiz. #WWWYKI'

The Rock (@TheRock): "You're either at work, school, gym, home or someplace you shouldn't be. Either way: #HappyBootsToAssesFriday"

The Final Word King Kong Bundy Says

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