The Headbangers Talk Being Back Together, Being In WWF In The 90's, The Monday Night Wars & More

Former WWE tag team champions The Headbangers, Chaz Warrington (Mosh) and Glen Ruth (Thrasher), recently spoke with Raj Giri of about their time in the WWF and returning as a tag team. Here is part one of the interview, make sure to check back tomorrow for part two of the interview, where The Headbangers talk about the current product, TNA and a possible return to WWE.

WrestlingINC: How's everything going?

Chaz: It's great. It's tremendous.

WrestlingINC: How did the videos come about?

Chaz: It actually started just as a joke for us to maybe get some more indy bookings and things like that. We just wanted to have fun and good around. It kind of sort of took off so now we're just trying to be a little more entertaining and just have more fun with it and see what happens with it. That's all.

WrestlingINC: How long have you guys been on the indy circuit now?

Chaz: About 3-4 months.

Glen: Yeah, about 3-4 months.

WrestlingINC: You stopped teaming in 2000, right?

Chaz: Yeah, it was around there. It was a good 10 years, a little over 10 years since we had been in the ring together.

WrestlingINC: How'd you guys touch base again?

Chaz: We kept in contact off and on and what happened was we did a couple appearances like those autograph sessions at conventions.

WrestlingINC: Did you guys keep in touch during the 10 years you were apart?

Glen: Yeah, off and on. He lived all the way in Florida and I was all the way up in South Jersey so we kept contact but just not as often. In August I picked up and moved down here in Florida and now we're on chapter two.

WrestlingINC: Were you guys teaming before you signed with WWF (in 1996)?

Glen: Yeah, we were teaming. Glen was the trainer at the wrestling school, the Monster Factory so he actually trained me. We've been tagging together basically since I started, which was June of '93.

WrestlingINC: So you guys were together for a few years before you were signed with WWF.

Glen: Oh yeah. I started in June of '93 and we went to Memphis in April of '94.

WrestlingINC: You guys first started with WWF back in 1996 as The Flying Nuns, right?

Glen: '96 was when we signed with the WWF, our first contract, but we didn't go in as the Flying Nuns. We went in as the Headbangers.

WrestlingINC: Okay, then you were changed to the Flying Nuns?

Glen: Yeah, for like a two week stint.

WrestlingINC: Shotgun Saturday Night reminded me of an ECW kind of thing. What was it like being on that show?

Glen: The Shotgun Saturday Nights' were so cool because it was in our kind of crowd, our kind of scene. It was real late at night when we were taping it and everything else. Everybody was real close; it was packed. It was awesome.

WrestlingINC: It was Chaz that threw up during an interview on Shotgun Saturday Night, right?

Chaz: Yes, that was on Shotgun Saturday Night. It was just a nice mouthful of warm milk.

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