The Headbangers Talk Being Back Together, Being In WWF In The 90's, The Monday Night Wars & More

Glen: It would have made a normal man puke.

WrestlingINC: What do you remember during that time in WWF as far as the competition from WCW, business being down. Was it a tough time to be there?

Chaz: You mean for us? It was a great time to be there. I mean, we just got there. We had part-time contracts and we were getting used every night right away. The Shotgun Saturday Nights actually helped us tremendously because they were in New York and we were from Jersey so we were booked on every single live Shotgun Saturday Night except for one. We were local; there was no trans. We could just drive up and do the show and we could drive home. For us, it was great. That's how we got over with the fans and we got the gimmick over.

WrestlingINC: What was that time period like before the Monday Night Wars started?

Chaz: For us, it was great. We came in as it was starting to peak and go up. For us, it was just a great time. At that point we were ecstatic to have a job and opportunity to be there, which is what we're looking for now.

Glen: We always looked at WCW to see what they were doing and everything else. It was always a challenge to outdo them all the time not just Monday Nights. It was every time you were in the ring. You wanted to outdo everybody.

WrestlingINC: You guys won the WWF Tag Titles with an assist from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Did you know he was going to be as big as he became?

Glen: We looked at Steve like he was…

Chaz: He was like everybody else.

Glen: That's how he was in the locker room. That's how Rocky [Maivia] was. It's how everybody was. We can actually say back then it was more a close knit locker room. Everyone had a working relationship when we were there. I don't know how it is now; you hear different things but when we were there it was all about working together for the common goal - to be number one and everyone make money and that's what we did and everyone made money. There's no one worried about getting someone's spot and taking someone's spot. It was like whoever we can elevate to help put people in the seats and get the buy rates up for the Pay-Per-Views and make money. That's what we were there to do.

WrestlingINC: Glen then suffered the knee injury.

Glen: Yes.

WrestlingINC: Were you released during that time?

Glen: No, I actually did the knee surgery. I came back and we did a short little stint where we actually wrestled. Our comeback match was against Chris Jericho and [Curtis] Hughes. After that I had another surgery on my knee because it wasn't repaired correctly and then shortly after that I was released.

WrestlingINC: Chaz, they did that Beaver Cleavage stint. What were your thoughts on that?

Chaz: Well, they presented that idea when Glen was hurt. They wanted to give us two different things to do. When he came back he was going to do his own thing and have me do my own thing. At first I was like, 'What the f--k?' but after I thought about it I thought it would have been a cool idea. I had never done anything single so I was excited to try and have that opportunity.

WrestlingINC: It seems like that idea never really worked, as far as the whole incest thing but then they went dark with it. Were you happy with the gimmick or were you happy when you went to just being Chaz?

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