-- The Rock was featured on FOX yesterday before the NFL pre-game show. Rock plugged his new "Journey 2: 3D" movie which hits theaters on February 10th.

-- Mark Henry wrote the following to his "haters" on Twitter last night: "A push is what smarties say. I took my title,and will slap piss out of anyone who says different. better I feel the more will go in da hall. I don't tweet a lot mainly because of the dumb,week,stupid things I read. To all those who respect my work an sacrifice This is for you. To the haters Welcome To The twitter Hall of Pain. (evil laugh) I know u hear it."

-- Shawn Michaels took questions from fans on Twitter this weekend and provided some insight into how Ric Flair will appear at the WWE Hall of Fame this year. A fan asked if TNA will allow Flair to attend this year and Shawn replied: "Allow? He attended last year."

Another fan asked Shawn when did he decide that he wanted to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania: "Never, folks did that for me. I just agree."

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