Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

RAW opens with a vignette celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler is scheduled for later tonight, as is Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger for the U.S. title.

Mick Foley is introduced to the crowd to open the show. "Mrs. Foley's baby boy" enters the ring and grabs a mic. Foley talked about headlining WrestleMania in the building, and said that he has another dream, and that is to have his little kids see their dad in the ring again. Foley then announced that he wants in The Royal Rumble match. "Excuse Meeee!!"

Vickie Guerrero comes out with Dolph Ziggler, and introduces Ziggler as the next WWE Champion. Vickie and Ziggler enter the ring. Ziggler is upset that Foley just wants to take a "precious spot" from a Superstar who has worked all year long to get that spot. Ziggler says this is funny if it's one of Foley's stand up bits, otherwise it's not. Ziggler said that Foley would likely be quickly eliminated, and Foley admitted that it is a possibility, but it's also possible that he'd win, and he's in the Royal Rumble to win it. Ziggler says that after he beats Punk for the title, that he can't think of a bigger letdown than having to face Foley at WrestleMania if he managed to get lucky and win the Rumble. Ziggler told Foley that "it's over" and to "go home" and "go away." Cue CM Punk's music.

Punk says it's good to see Mick. Ziggler remarked that Punk and Foley both get their clothes from the same homeless person on the street. Punk noted that both he and Foley break the mold and don't hide behind a woman, and that they have earned everything they achieved, unlike John Laurinaitis. Punk declared that he will be WWE Champion after their match because he's the "best wrestler in the world." Punk said he'll face the winner of the Rumble at 'Mania and it would be "damn cool" if it was Mick Foley. Laurinaitis interrupted and came out to make an announcement. Laurinaitis said he would be unbiased as ref at the Rumble, and turned down Foley's request to be in the Rumble. Vickie laughed in Foley's face to end the segment.

Air Boom are shown heading to the ring. They note that they lost the titles to Epico and Primo last night.

Footage is shown of Epico and Primo winning the WWE Tag Team Championship in Oakland.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Epico & Primo (c) vs. Air Boom

Epico pinned Evan Bourne with the backbreaker to get the clean pin and retain the tag titles in a short match.

Laurinaitis is shown backstage and is approached by David Otunga, who hands him an envelope. Otunga tells Laurinaitis that "you know who is here." Someone enters off-camera and Laurinaitis tells him that it will be Otunga, Henry and Ziggler vs. Punk, Bryan and him. The person is revealed to be Chris Jericho, who smiles and turns off the lights and turns on his jacket.

Zack Ryder is shown backstage with Eve. Josh Matthews asked Ryder if he has heard if he's cleared to wrestle tonight, and Ryder said that he hadn't. Ryder said that he's going to the ring and refuses to forfeit his title, and Eve said that she's coming with him.

A vignette aired of Kane's attack on Ryder from last week.

Jack Swagger entered the ring, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. His match with Ryder is next.

United States Championship
Zack Ryder (c) vs. Jack Swagger

Ryder enters the ring with his back bandaged. Swagger dominated the match, working on Ryder's back and delivering a series of gut wrench powerbombs, but Ryder kept kicking out. Swagger planted Ryder with a third gut wrench powerbomb and got the pin.

Winner and NEW U.S. Champion: Jack Swagger

Laurinaitis approaches Ryder backstage, who is selling his back injury. Laurinaitis says that he made a mistake and shouldn't have let him wrestle, and that the envelope he received earlier stated that Ryder was not medically cleared to compete. Eve started to go off, but Laurinaitis told her to "shut your mouth and show some respect." He then walked off.

Perez Hilton is introduced to a chorus of boos. He introduced the next match.

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox vs. The Bella Twins

The Bellas tried to pull off some "twin magic," but Perez dragged the second Bella out of the ring and chided her for cheating. Kelly then did a roll up and got the win. After the match, Kelly and Fox celebrated with Perez. The Bellas entered the ring and shoved Perez to the ground, but Kelly and Fox got back in and the Bellas retreated.

A recap of shown of Big Show accidentally bumping AJ on SmackDown.

A vignette of Ric Flair winning the '92 Royal Rumble is shown.

R-Truth's music hits and he heads to the ring dressed in street clothes. Before he could talk, Wade Barrett's music hits and he comes out with a mic. Barrett says that he's going to win the Rumble and noted that he's officially in the Rumble, as well as Truth, who's a lunatic. Truth tells Barrett that he talks funny. Truth goes on to talk about how they are across the street from the "Happiest Place on Earth," Disneyland and then proceeds to show photo-shopped pictures of him at Disneyland. He said that Pinocchio said that Barrett was going to win the Rumble, and they showed a picture of Pinocchio's nose growing. Truth said that he didn't even know if that's PG. That was funny. Miz attacked Truth from behind and they double teamed Truth until Sheamus made the save. Teddy Long came out and said that he's taking charge since Laurinaitis is a little busy right now. Long announced an over the top rope challenge with the four men as a Royal Rumble preview.

Over The Top Rope Challenge
The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett was the first one out. Sheamus and Miz were tangled in the ropes and Truth pushed them over to win the match.

After the match, Miz was complaining outside of the ring but was met with a Brogue kick from Sheamus. Sheamus and Truth stared each other down as Sheamus headed to the back.

Backstage John Cena confronts Laurinaitis about screwing Ryder. Laurinaitis said that he made a mistake, and announced Cena vs. Kane at the Royal Rumble. He said that Cena would also face the new U.S. Champion Jack Swagger next.

Jack Swagger vs. John Cena

Before the match could even start, Cena put a beatdown on Swagger. Cena took his assault outside of the ring and continued to beat him up. Cena then put Swagger's head on the ringside steps and was going to nail him with another set of steps when Kane's music hit. Kane was on the titan tron and said that Cena was "getting it," and will have embraced the hate by the time they meet at the Rumble.

Brodus Clay is up next.

Brodus Clay vs. JTG

Another squash win for Brodus. Brodus showed a lot of charisma in the ring again.

Daniel Bryan will provide an update on the condition of AJ next.

A promo for this week's SmackDown in Las Vegas aired.

The Big Show - Daniel Bryan match from SmackDown and AJ's injury is recapped.

Daniel Bryan comes out with mic in tow. Bryan rips Big Show for "plowing over" AJ. Bryan says that AJ will never be the same, and that Show intentionally ran her over to get to him. Bryan calls him "pathetic" and takes him to task for not apologizing. Bryan questioned Show's "crocodile tears" and tells Show to not show his face on SmackDown again or he'll make him pay. Bryan then dedicated his match against Henry this Friday to AJ and said that he'll show how much he loves AJ this Friday.

It's main event time.

Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry, David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler

Jericho comes out slapping hands and conversing with fans at ringside. He's taking pictures of fans as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jericho is still celebrating at ringside. The heels are now in the ring. CM Punk's music hits and he enters the ring.

Punk and Bryan worked the match early on for the faces. Punk played Ricky Morton before finally making the hot tag to Jericho. Jericho celebrated in the ring before tagging Bryan and heading to the back.

Later in the match, Henry and Bryan brawled to the back. Mick Foley's music hit and he entered the match, telling the referee that John Laurinaitis put him in the match. Punk made the hot tag to Foley, while Ziggler tagged in Otunga. Foley hammered away at Otunga and nailed him with a knee in the corner. He then hit a DDT and pulled out Mr. Sock. Foley then applied the mandible claw on Otunga, garnering the win for his team.

Laurinaitis came out and said that he never gave Foley permission to participate in this match, and he has been forced to reverse the decision of the match, so the winners are Ziggler, Otunga and Henry. Punk grabbed the mic and antagonized Laurinaitis, telling him to "man up" and to "shut his mouth." Punk ripped on Laurinaitis' for sucking in the ring despite his brother being a Road Warrior and said that he was "boring" and "vanilla" and said that he accomplished more in the last year than Laurinaitis has in his entire life. Punk said that if Laurinaitis screws him, then he will kick his "pathetic ass" and make him look like he's been through a meat grinder. Punk then threatened to punch Laurinaitis, who flinched big time. Punk called him pathetic before leaving the ring with the belt held high in the air.

Laurinaitis fumed in the ring as Foley have a thumbs up. Laurinaitis said that he's the soon to be "permanent" RAW GM and will not be intimidated by Punk. Foley asked Laurinaitis to admit that he's going to screw Punk, and called him a "kiss ass." Laurinaitis said "damn right he will" screw Punk, and he's sick and tired of being disrespected and bullied. Laurinaitis vented about not being appreciated for putting on a great show for the fans every week, and he's not going to take it anymore. Laurinaitis then nailed Foley with a mic shot to the head and walked off. Foley slowly got back to his feet as the show went off the air.

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