The Headbangers Talk About The Current Product, TNA, A WWE Return & More

WrestlingINC: Who do you like watching today?


WrestlingINC: Hello?

Chaz: Exactly! I haven't seen the new Ring of Honor show yet but from my understanding there's a lot of tags there and there's supposed to be like real tag teams. I don't know. There's really no tag teams out there that say, hey, this is a great team,' and we'd like to work with them.

WrestlingINC: Do you feel like with your last run in the WWF that you didn't get to accomplish everything you wanted to?

Glen: I feel like we have another chapter to right. I feel like we have unfinished business. We still got some…

Chaz: I think we still have a lot in the gas tank. We have a lot to offer in the ring and out of the ring. I think we can contribute a lot in the ring to entertain and I think there's a lot we can do behind the scenes with helping the younger talent. Like I said, there's still tons of time out there. We still have lots of years left on the bodies and minds and stuff like that. One word - opportunity.

WrestlingINC: Have you guys heard anything from any of the organizations?

Glen: There's been some chatter.

WrestlingINC: Ideally, I take it you'd like to see yourselves back in WWE?

Chaz: Ideally we'd like to go where it makes sense for us, professionally and financially.

WrestlingINC: Are there any current teams that you think you'd match up with well?

Glen: There's really not many others. Like I said, we can do a power match with Crimson & [Matt] Morgan. We've done that with LOD. We've done it with them and we can fly around. We've flown around with the Hardy's. We've flown around with Edge and Christian, the Dudleys. We can fly around with Air Boom. We can do all of it.

WrestlingINC: Do you have any final words for the readers of the website and your fans?

Chaz: Just follow us on Twitter. I have more followers than Glen does. You can reach me at @ChazMosh.

Glen: Which isn't right. Mine's @GrThrasher.

Chaz: Follow us on there. Just let everyone know what you want. You want the return of the Headbangers, the most tremendous tag team in the history of wrestling, the tag team champions of the universe.

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