has removed Jackie Moore, Jesse Neal and Toxxin from their wrestler roster page. This would confirm their respective departures from TNA Wrestling late last year.

Moore stated on November 28, 2011 via Twitter that she parted ways with TNA Wrestling due to her contract expiring. She returned to the company last June alongside ODB under the guise of outsiders, with the duo promising to clean up the Knockouts division. In August, Moore and ODB abandoned their villainous antics in order to gain contracts with the promotion. After several weeks of working as babyfaces, they were signed to contracts by the new head of the Knockouts division, Karen Jarrett. Moore, however, did not appear for TNA again.

Neal made his final TNA appearance on the December 15, 2011 episode of iMPACT! Wrestling, where he was DDT'd onto concrete floor by Gunner and consequently stretchered out of the Impact Wrestling Zone. Neal parted ways with TNA after organization officials asked him to relocate from Florida to Louisville, Kentucky to further his wrestling training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was unable to comply with their request because the money they were offering "wasn't even anything close to live on."

"My decision maker was my finances," Neal told earlier this month. "I hear all this stuff, 'Oh man, we would kill for the opportunity,' but if you're not paying your bills you wouldn't be able to wrestle. If you can't pay your light bill you're going to find a way to pay your light bill and not show up to practice. I make sacrifices; I don't live above my means what so ever. People should know that. We're just trying to make a living, trying to do our dream also. It takes a lot more to be a TV personality than what everyone thinks out there. The price he gave me, it was way below the means of my bills and stuff like that.

"I gave him a couple different options and they didn't like. We went back and forth with these options for a week or two and then I go, 'OK fine.' I send in an email saying I'm respectfully requesting my release. I did it all professionally, no hard feelings and no burned bridges. It was all on good terms. They said, 'OK fine, you want your release, we'll give you your release.' I said, 'OK cool, no problem.' It was all good. We weren't arguing."

Toxxin is Neal's real-life girlfriend, who was brought in September to combat Rosita and Sarita in Ink Inc.'s feud with Mexican America. Neal stated during a podcast interview that Toxxin, who appears as Christina Von Eerie on the independent wrestling circuit, was never under contract to the organization. Her departure was expected after Neal parted ways with TNA.

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