As noted earlier, JJ Dillon -- the manager of the Four Horsemen -- was on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca on Sirius XM Radio. You can hear Busted Open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-4 ET on Sirius 94, XM 208. Here are some more highlights:

Ole Anderson in the 4 Horsemen: "When I think of the reign of the Four Horsemen, and of course I responded this way in interviews over the past 25 years, that the original Horsemen with Ole will always be special for that reason, because it was spontaneous coming together of all these guys that had already enjoyed great success in the profession at that point, and there was something about the chemistry that clicked."

Barry Windham: "I have always said in the terms of the in ring product, what we got bell to bell, the third grouping with Barry Windham was for me the best. Barry was young, tall, good looking, extremely athletic to do anything in the ring. He just complimented everyone else."

Why Barry Windham was chosen for the HOF over other members: "If you look at it from strictly a business standpoint, Barry was a behind the scenes agent at one time for the WWE for a number of years. His father Blackjack Mulligan is already in the WWE Hall of Fame. If you were picking out all the combinations of the Horsemen, the one that included Barry, I think other people would agree too, that was when we were at our absolute best.

Dillon also mentioned Dusty Rhodes, Blackjack Mulligan and Triple H as possible people to induct them.

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