For three weeks, Chris Jericho has been silent on TV and at house shows after returning to WWE, but he broke that on a comedy sketch for G4's Attack of the Show Tuesday night.

He appeared in the "Twitter Twister" segment as an enforcer of Twister rules called Craig "The Twistecutioner" DeSilva. He was dressed as an executioner, had a Twister rule book, and spoke into the microphone as if enunciating every syllable.

Eventually hosts Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey asked him why he was so intent on enforcing the rules. He then shed tears and said he just wanted people to respect the rules. The hosts then threw the book in the garbage and got Jericho to play for fun. He said: "Who needs rules?" The segment ended with them all posing motionless with text explaining what happened after.

The text for "The Twistecutioner" displayed that he was hit by a truck crossing the sidewalk outside of the studio. It was later revealed that Jericho was promoting his satellite radio show, "Rock of Jericho."

This was filmed at AOTS's studios in Los Angeles. Jericho flew in after Monday's Raw in Anaheim.

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