WWE NXT Results: 'Til Death Do Us Part?

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Before the opening video, we get a well-made video recap of the love triangle between Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman, and Maxine. This lasts a couple of minutes, then we go to the opening video. Josh Matthews welcomes us to this historic 100th episode of NXT, and lets us know that the wedding between Maxine and Curtis will be happening tonight. We then go to the ring with Lillian Garcia, who welcomes back the "original voice of NXT," Michael Cole. Cole comes out, and I don't think there's music, but the fans are booing so loudly there may have been. As he's walking down the ramp, he keeps saying he didn't want to be here either. Cole's best heel work definitely was on NXT, it was much better than his current work. He takes a seat by Josh and snubs him quickly. He says he's only here because he lost a bet in Vegas last night. Titus O'Neil comes out next for the first match of the afternoon to very little reaction. Cole with a similar reaction to me, "This guy's still here?" Darren Young is out next to little reaction. Cole actually puts over Darren.

No-Disqualification Match: Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

We start with Darren avoiding Titus, and getting the better of him before rolling out of the ring. He rolls back in, ducks a clothesline, but gets caught with a Big Boot from Titus. Titus then gets a two count. Titus with a nice Backbreaker for a two count. Titus reverses and Irish Whip and throws Young over the top rope. Sick landing here. Cole's commentary is actually quite funny, though it's just because he's burying Titus. Titus barks before he goes out of the ring, we replay the fall, which wasn't as good as I thought. Young picks Titus ups and slams him onto the ring apron, but he gets caught into a Powerslam by Titus on the hard floor. Titus throws him into the barricade and barks some more. He rolls Young into the ring, but Young rolls out onto the apron. They're both on the apron now and Young goes for a Neckbreaker and hits it. Great move on the apron. We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Young is in control in the ring, grounding Titus with strikes, but Titus starts fighting back, only to be caught with a Clothesline from Young for a two count. Young then picks up Titus and drops him with a Back Suplex. Titus then locks on a chinlock, but Titus fights back and works his way out, only to be slammed into the corner. Young then picks up Titus and hits the Gut Check, but Titus kicks out of the man's finisher. Young goes for it again, but Titus fights out and hits the Clash of the Titus for the three count. For this match to be so hyped (for NXT's standards) it was short.

Winner: Titus O'Neil

Titus celebrates in the ring, trying to get a reaction out of the crowd. He gets a microphone and "wooos." He says now that he's done with Darren Young, he wants to thank the fans. He says, "I want to thank you for, for, for, absolutely nothing!" The crowd boos Titus this time because they're actually supposed to, though I'm almost liking the guy now. He says oh hell yes, it's true, for 46 weeks he's competed in these silly challenges that didn't mean anything. And on top of all this, Horswoggle was his pro. He says he taunt Hornswoggle how to speak, and what did he do? He left him for Smackdown. He says it's okay because he's the star of this show, and every show WWE has to offer. Cole: "You've never been on another show." He says he doesn't have to worry about the fans being dead weight anymore, and a "You suck" chant starts. He says to get your popcorn ready because Titus is about to make it a win. Titus then leaves the ring to boos. Wow, Cole is murdering Titus here, "You'd think after 46 weeks you'd learn to cut a promo, what was that?"

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