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Match Number One: Gunner (with Ric Flair) defeated A.J. Styles with a DDT. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian interfered during the match.

After the match, Gunner tried to DDT Styles on the exposed floor but Styles was able to get free and he got a chair to keep Gunner away.

Match Number Two: Tag Team Champion Crimson defeated Magnus with Red Sky.

After the match, Samoa Joe attacked Crimson but Matt Morgan came out to make the save. Joe and Magnus were able to take care of both men and hit Morgan with elbow drop after a snap mare from Joe.

James Storm comes out and says he is finally getting what he has deserved and that is a shot at the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Storm says he and Roode have been here since day one and that he showed Kurt Angle how it's done. He tells Roode "Sorry about your damn luck" and goes to leave.

Before Storm can leave, Jeff Hardy comes to the ring. Hardy says that if anyone deserves one more final encounter, it is Hardy after he got screwed by Bully Ray. Storm says that he got screwed over first and that if there is anyone who deserved a shot at Roode at Against All Odds, it is him.

Security comes out to get in-between the two, but Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode comes out.

Roode says Storm knows the stipulation was for the Number One Contender was going to wrestle the winner of the match between Hardy and Roode. Because there was no winner, there is no Number One Contender.

Roode then turns to Hardy and says that he has beaten him twice, so Hardy isn't getting a shot either.

Sting comes out and tells security to leave since everything is under control. He says Roode will defend his title at Against All Odds and tonight, we will have a match between Jeff Hardy and James Storm for the Number One Contender spot to see who faces Roode at Against All Odds.

They re-taped the promo setting up the Number One Contender Match.

James Storm came out for a promo proclaiming how happy he is about winning the Number One Contender match to face Bobby Roode at Against All Odds. Storm said that he was better than Kurt Angle. At Against All Odds, he will beat Bobby Roode to win the Impact Wrestling World Championship. Storm then tells Roode Sorry about his damn luck."

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring and he says that no one is getting a shot at Roode until he has his final encounter. Storm says that Roode screwed him first. Roode then comes out telling them to stop and asks if they can all just get along. Roode is flattered that they are bickering over his world title, but Roode reminds Storm of the stipulation that Storm became the Number One Contender to face the winner of the match between Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy. Because there was no winner, there is no match for Storm and his title shot is now null and void.

Roode says that he is all for giving to the needy, but he already gave Hardy two shots in five days and Hardy failed, so Storm isn't getting a shot either.

Sting's music plays and he comes to the ring. Sting says that Roode found another loophole and calls him clever, but they are fixing it tonight with a Number One Contender match tonight between Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

Match Number Three: Eric Young defeated Angelina Love (with Winter) by disqualification when Angelina kicked Young low.

After the match, Winter and Angelina attacked Young until ODB came out to make the save. Angelina and Winter got the advantage on ODB too until Young got a second wind and threw Angelina and Winter out of the ring. Young kissed ODB.

Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Austin Aries comes to the ring and says that he apologizes for sounding like a broken record, but there is no one in his league. Aries says that he has proven to fans that hate him and the nobodies that love him that he is the greatest man that ever lived.

Alex Shelley comes out and explains how he got injured a year ago and when he came back, his partner in the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin got hurt. Shelley says that he wanted to wait for Sabin to recover from his injury before returning, but Sabin told him it was okay for him to come back. Shelley recalls how a few months back, he fought with Aries over the title, but he was not the one who lost those matches and now he wants a shot.

Shelley and Aries then trade insults until Aries tells Shelley to go in the back and find an opponent to face to earn himself a title shot, even though Aries has beaten all of them.

Shelley tells Aries that that sounds good to him and that he will be the next X Division Champion.

Match Number Four: Number One Contender Match between James Storm and Jeff Hardy went to a no contest.

Bully Ray came out and hit referee Brian Hebner with a chain. Ray then hit Hardy and Storm with the chain. Referee Earl Hebner ran out and Ray beat up Earl. Refeee Brian Stiffler ran out and Ray attacked him as well.

Sting came out with a bat and hit Ray with it and chased them to the back. Roode then got in the ring and hit Storm and Hardy with the world title belt.

Roode got a mic and said with the power invested in him, he declares the match a no contest and calls himself still the most dominant champion in Impact Wrestling history.

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