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The show opens with a video recap of Roode retaining his title in questionable fashion at Genesis and last week's Impact, the later due to Bully Ray. We go to the Impact Zone and James Storm's music hits. He walks out, dressed in street clothes as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. The crowd chants his name before he starts speaking. He asks how they're doing, and says that he is now the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He says he beat the best wrestler to ever step foot in a ring, Kurt Angle to become it. At Against All Odds, Storms says he's going to whoop Bobby Roode's ass and take his title. He starts to say Sorry 'bout your damn luck, but he's interrupted by Jeff Hardy's theme music. Hardy walks out in street clothes to a good pop. Once in the ring, Hardy says he's been screwed twice out of the championship. He says the Creatures have been screwed, and he tells Storm no one is getting a shot at Roode until he gets his final encounter. Storm says he got screwed a couple of months ago, and you'd think with all this screwing he's been doing, he should have a lot of child support to cover. Hardy agrees, and Bobby Roode's music plays.

He starts talking at the top of the ramp, and tells them to stop it. He asks why they can't all just get along, but says he's flattered that they're bickering over a shot at him. He tells Storm that Storm became the number one contender to the winner of Roode and Hardy's match last week, which were Sting's words. He says since there wasn't a finish, the number one contendership, is null and void. Roode turns his attention to Jeff and says he's fine with giving to the needy, but he gave Jeff two opportunities and he failed both times, so no more title shots for Hardy. The GM, Sting comes out next to a real good pop. Sting acknowledges that Roode found another loophole last week by having Ray interfere. Sting says we're going to fix that tonight with another number one contender's match for the World Title between who? The crowd chants for Hardy. He asks who opponent number two is, and they chant Cowboy. So he makes the match, James Storm vs Jeff Hardy, and it will be tonight. Sting leaves after a few heated words with Roode that are inaudible. The announcers plug the Steel Cage match later tonight between Madison Rayne and Mickie James, and we're off to the first commercial break.

Back from the break, we get a clip from earlier today about Angelina Love who says she's disgusted that Eric Young put his hands on her last week. She says that if Eric Young wants to "throw down" with her, then how about her against him tonight.

We go to the ring with Christy Hemme, who announces the first participant of this first contest, Gunner, who has Ric Flair with him in a managerial capacity. "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles is his opponent, who gets a good pop, as he should.

Gunner (with Ric Flair) vs A.J. Styles

We start off with the two men locking up, and Gunner quickly overpowering Styles, but Styles reverses the position in the corner. Gunner refuses to break cleanly, but A.J. is still able to get a headlock locked on, but Gunner pushes him into the turnbuckle and goes for an elbow, but A.J. reverses it into a Backslide for a two count. Gunner with control this time, but gets caught with a great dropkick from Styles. Gunner rolls out of the ring and kicks the steps in frustration. Flair gives hims some advice, and Gunner goes back into the ring. He takes a shot to the face of Styles and clubs him down. Gunner then hits a Suplex, but doesn't even get a one count. Gunner keeps Styles grounded with some stomps, and sloppily slams Styles down again. Styles gets back to his feet, and hits a Bell Clap to break free. Gunner reverses a Back Body Drop attempt with a High Knee for a one count. Gunner this time uses the ropes to hit a knee to the throat of A.J. Styles still fights back, but Gunner cuts him off. A.J. is then able to hit a few Clotheslines, but misses a third and Gunner puts him on the apron. A.J. is able to hit a Springboard Forearm, and Daniels and Kazarian make their way down. Daniels tells Kazarian to do what he says, and Kazarian is reluctant to, but in the ring, A.J. is able to hit an Enzuguri. Flair then distracts the ref, and Kazarian Clotheslines A.J. Daniels forces him to watch what happens next, and Gunner hits a brutal Spike DDT for the win.

Winner: Gunner

Daniels claps for Gunner, and Kazarian looks remorseful. Gunner throws A.J. out of the ring, and rolls up the protective padding. He goes for a DDT, but A.J. fights out and leaves through the crowd.

We go backstage and Magnus is saying that he's ready for Crimson. Crimson shows up and through some vulgarity says he'll end Magnus. Morgan stops him from fighting now, and we go to commercial.

Backstage, Bully Ray is with Sting, and Ray says Sting is going to grant Bully a favor. He says he hasn't lost one match since he's been a singles wrestler and he deserves a world title shot. Sting says he saw him screw Hardy last week. Sting says, "No Fava!" Sting says he's the boss, and he won't grant him anything for screwing someone, and to make an appointment next time. Ray says who he is and that he does what he wants, when he wants. He says he'll make an appointment, but next time Sting'll have to listen. Sting says he's looking forward to it and punches Bully in the chest.

We go back down to the ring, and Magnus makes his way to the ring, without Samoa Joe. Crimson comes out next, and yes, he's still undefeated. Morgan isn't with Crimson.

Magnus vs Crimson

Magnus attacks Crimson from behind before the match starts, and hits him with a good Clothesline for a two count. Magnus then hits a Suplex for another two count. Crimson quickly takes control and hits Red Sky for the three count.

Winner: Crimson

After the match, Joe comes out and lays out Crimson. The crowd starts a "Joe's gonna' kill you" chant, and Joe continues stomping on Crimson, now with Magnus's help. Morgan finally comes to help, and he starts working over Magnus in the corner, but Joe catches him with a Chop Block. Magnus with a Snap Scoop Slam on Crimson to lay him out again, then they hit their signature double team move that they've been doing the past few weeks on Morgan. The crowd boos both men as Magnus tries on the title before putting it back down.

We then go to a clip from earlier today with Eric Young pondering if he could be an MMA fighter after seeing a Bellator poster. He says he shouldn't fight women, because he's a "southern gentleman." I thought he was Canadian. Young goes back and forth with a caterer, who he confuses with Cyborg Santos. ODB then shows up, and he says that he heard about EY's big match tonight. Young says he thinks it's against the law to fight girls, but ODB talks him into it. Young thinks she means if he does a number on Love that they'll start holding hands, and you know what's after that...marriage. We get a plug for Hardy vs Storm before we go to commercial.

We come back to a replay of Garrett and Eric Bischoff's exchange from last week. We now see a video of Garrett training with a voice over from Eric saying he has no future or friends in this business, which I believe he said last week. Nice little video package of Garrett training actually. At the end he says he can't wait to get back to the Impact Zone, and he can't wait to see Eric's face when he finds out who he has training him.

We then go back to a replay of the Genesis match between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, and what set up the Cage match tonight. Back to tonight's show, Madison is ranting backstage to Kim. Kim finally tells her to calm down and says she'll be there for her tonight. Madison tries to argue, but Kim stops her, and they walk out. We go to another commercial.

We come back to Mickie James's music playing, and it's time for some women locked in a cage. Madison Rayne is out next, and she accompanied by her fellow TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Gail Kim. Madison looks worried. Kim leads her into the cage like a parent leading their kid to their first day of school. Earl Hebner sends Kim back to the back.

Steel Cage Match: Mickie James vs Madison Rayne

Mickie quickly takes control and slams Madison into the turnbuckle pad before delivering kicks to Rayne. Madison quickly tries to escape, but Micki catches her and hits a brutal sit-out powerbomb. Mickie keeps going to work on Madison in the corner, and then Snapmares her over before hitting a Running Dropkick for a two count. Mickie goes for another pin attempt, but gets another two. Mickie then locks in a Half Nelson on Rayne. She keeps it locked on for a while, but Madison is able to get back to her feet, and Madison hits a sick kick to the face, taking control. We go to commercial as Mickie is able to reverse an Irish Whip into one of her own, sending Madison into the corner.

We come back with Mickie in control, but Madison catches her with an eye poke. Mickie is able to hit a nice Flapjack, followed by a kip-up to take Madison back down. Mickie gets caught between the cage and the ropes and Madison hits a reverse hotshot, which slams Mickie's face into the cage. Madison then rubs Mickie's face over the cage. Madison then hits a Snap Suplex, and rolls it into a neckbreaker. Great move that gets a two count. Madison stays in control, and hits the move where she repeatedly slams Mickie's face into the mat with a Headscissors for a two count. Mickie fights out of a rear chinlock, but Madison knees her back down. Mickie gets whipped into the corner, and Madison hits a Splash, followed by a Facebuster. Madison yells at a grounded Mickie, and goes for another Facebuster, but Mickie counters into a Neckbreaker. Both women are down and Earl Hebner starts the count. They don't get up, but starts fighting from their knees. Finally to their feet, they trade shots, which Mickie gets the upper hand, hitting a few Clothesline, and Forearms. Mickie gets caught with an Eye Rack by Madison, just as she was getting fired up though. Madison gets a two count after a knee to the head. Madison then hits some punches to the face of Mickie, and chokes her. Madison tries to send her into the cage, but Mickie reverses and slams Madison into the cage twice, then hits the Mickie-DT for the three count.

Winner: Mickie James

We replay the Direct Auto Insurance Impact of the Night, which is the Mickie-DT that finished the match.

We go backstage to Austin Aries, who says he's entertaining no matter what. He says he's talking about what he's about to be talking about in a couple of minutes, and people are still entertained. He says in a few minutes when he's going to say what he's talking about now, people won't be able to turn away. Austin Aries...the man gets into your head, I'm confused now. Apparently he's talking next, but first, more commercials.

We are back with Mickie celebrating backstage with Tara and Velvet Sky. Mickie says she feels amazing, but Gail Kim is still on her list. She acknowledges that Gail was so quick to leave Madison today. Useless segment.

We then go to Hardy backstage from "moments ago." He says he's been screwed twice lately, and that he's in need of a payoff right now, and it would be right to have him vs Roode in a no-disqualifications match, but first he's got to beat James Storm.

We get a video package of Austin Aries, with a voice over of him, talking about how great he is, and that he's in need of some top competition because no one can stop him. He says he wears all these sequins and turquoise colors because it's psychological. People don't realize how tough he is, or how smart he is. He says he's the toughest, most stubborn, and smartest wrestler here. He says they should get rid of the weight limits, or do handicap matches because no one can beat him. He may just have to retire.

He then makes his way out to the Impact Zone, wearing street clothes. Aries tells the crowd to be quiet since he has something to say. He says he's going to sound like a broken record, but it's the time of the month where he comes out here after another successful title defense and states the obvious once again. No one in Impact Wrestling is in his league, according to A-Double. The crowd starts a you suck chant, and Aries says if he sucks so bad, why is he still the champion. An "Aries" chant then breaks out, and he says if they think he wants them to chant his name, they are mistaken. he doesn't want a bunch of nobodies to chant his name. He says no one in the back can take him on, then the Motor City Machine Guns music plays and Alex Shelley makes his return to Impact Wrestling to a huge pop. Shelley says he missed the fans, being in the ring, but didn't miss Aries. He says one year ago, he separated his shoulder, and four months late he comes back, and that day, his partner, Chris Sabin tears his ACL. He says his life has revolved around wrestling since he was a little kid. He says he thought he'd wait until Sabin was better and come back with him, but he says he's tired of Aries, and that Aries couldn't "beat the piss out of a urine-soaked sponge." Aries says he's tired of boys like Shelley trying to challenge him. Shelley says he's talked to Sabin, and he had no problem with Shelley coming back. He says the last time he wrestled Shelley, Aries won after a low blow. Aries says well that shouldn't matter because there's nothing there to hurt. Aries says he's been riding Sabin's coat-tails for three years, and he should just go back home. Shelley says if he's so bad, then Aries shouldn't have any issue in putting the title up against Shelley. Aries says he sees what's going on here, and that Shelley has to earn a title match. He says he finds himself any X Division star back there, and if he defeats him, he can get a shot. Shelley says he'll let Aries pick the challenger, and after that, he's coming for Aries at Against All Odds.

We go backstage to ODB, who says she wants EY to rip Angelina in half, rip out her weave, fake nails, among other things. Winter then attacks ODB from behind, and they start fighting backstage. ODB ends up on top and starts throwing some punches. Winter is able to hit ODB with some sort of baton, then takes her belt off and starts whipping ODB with it. Winter chokes ODB with the belt, and screams at her. We go to commercial.

We come back to Angelina Love coming out for her match against Eric Young. She is accompanied by Winter. Eric Young is out next to a good pop. He does his usual crazy antics for his entrance. EY locks up with the referee, then does a cartwheel before the match starts

Inter-Gender Match: Angelina Love (with Winter) vs Eric Young

Young tries to call a time out after the bell rings, and Angelina begs him to hit her. Young doesn't follow through and stalls some more as the crowd chants his name. Young locks up with referee Stifler again, and then rolls out of the ring, and tries to lock up with the crowd members. Stifler begs him to get back in the ring, and he finally does. Love is ready to fight, but EY tries to shake her hand. Young locks up with the ref again, and pushes Angelina into the corner, using the ref. He then starts the count as if the refs the competitor. Love then hits a running kick to the groin to end this match.

Winner: Eric Young by disqualification

Love and Winter attack EY, but ODB comes out to a good pop and takes out Winter. Winter and Love are able to double team ODB, and Winter tries to whip her with the belt again, but EY stops them and throws both girls out of the ring. Young helps ODB up, and they kiss in the middle of the ring. Love looks sick up the ramp, and Taz acts as if he's a bout to puke.

We go backstage to Storm, who says it's his time. He busted his butt to build this company, and it's his time to become World Heavyweight Champion. He says he's definitely prepared for Hardy. He says he has no more words because he's sick and tired of talking. It's time for his to show the world that he can be the World Heavyweight Champion. Up next, James Storm vs Jeff Hardy.

Back from the break, James Storm comes out first for the main event. Jeff Hardy is out next, and man, I really hate his theme song. We get formal introductions by Jeremy Borash.

#1 Contender's Match: James Storm vs Jeff Hardy

They shake hands before they start off the match, and Storm quickly tkaes down Hardy down. They do a bit of chain-wrestling at the start, getting a few one counts between each other. Good mat-word by Storm, but Hardy switches it around with a Side Headlock Takedown of his own. Storm with a nice Arm Drag, but Hardy is able to hit one of his own, and he locks the arm after his. Storm gets back to his feet, and we get some standing chain wrestling, but Storm hits a Shoulder Block. Back to his feet, Hardy hits a Running Forearm, taking Storm down. Hardy then hits a Leg Drop to the mid-section, that looked low as always. Storm moves out of the corner, allowing Hardy to run into it. We go to break with Storm taking control of Hardy after the dodge.

We are back with Storm in control of Hardy, but Hardy catches him in the corner, and sends him outside. Hardy then hits a Flying Crossbody over the top rope, taking Storm out. Hardy slams Storm into the ring apron, and gets a two count after he rolled Storm back into the ring. Hardy with a standing leg drop, but Storm is able to fight back to his feet, and takes control, and hits a Slingshot Suplex, as Taz said, shades of Tully Blanchard. Rare move that you would think we'd see more often. Storm continues to ground Hardy with a Chinlock. Hardy reverses a Fireman's carry attempt into a Side Russian Legsweep, then does his weird leg drop to the legs pin for a two count. Hardy then goes up and hits Whisper in the Wind for a two count. We get a replay of the last move, and Storm sure did sell it good. Hardy with his own Rear Chinlock this time, keeping Storm grounded for a little while. Ha, Brian Hebner is wearing blue trimmed shoes. Anyway, Storm fights back to his feet, and goes for the Eye of the Storm, he starts spinning, but Hardy drops down and Storm hits a great move that I have no idea what to even call. It was like a Samoan Drop-spun around into a side Facebuster. Storm measures Hardy for the Last Call Superkick now. Hardy catches it and hits the Twist of Fate, the Stuner version, not the Cutter. Hardy goes up top, but Storm catches him and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Storm goes up top and goes for a Superplex from the top-rope. Hardy fights out of it, and pushes Storm down. Hardy gets caught with a big kick to the face, though, and Storm once again goes up top for another Top-Rope Superplex, and this time he hits that. Sick impact there. Storm pins Hardy, but Bully Ray sneaks in and attacks Brian Hebner. Ray then starts whipping both men with his steel chain. I don't see how you fake that, that looks freakin' painful. Earl Hebner then comes out, and Bully punches him right in the head. He takes a drink of Storm's beer, and spits it in his face. Bully continues whipping the men, then attacks another referee, this time it's Stifler who came running down. Sting then comes down the ramp with a Baseball bat and hits Ray in the gut, then the back with it. Ray starts running away, and Sting follows. Meanwhile, this match is actually still going on, but Roode comes in and lays out both Storm and Hardy with the championship belt. It looks like this match is now over since they're definitely not getting up from that. Roode gets a mic and says that he's the most dominant champion in history, and he declares this match a no contest. He proclaims that he's still the champion, in self-announcing style. His music plays and he taunts in the ring amidst carnage. Roode leaves the ring, and walks back up the ramp as Storm and Hardy start to stir. We go off air after shots of all three men, ending with Roode.

Winner: No Contest

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