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Gunner (with Ric Flair) vs A.J. Styles

We start off with the two men locking up, and Gunner quickly overpowering Styles, but Styles reverses the position in the corner. Gunner refuses to break cleanly, but A.J. is still able to get a headlock locked on, but Gunner pushes him into the turnbuckle and goes for an elbow, but A.J. reverses it into a Backslide for a two count. Gunner with control this time, but gets caught with a great dropkick from Styles. Gunner rolls out of the ring and kicks the steps in frustration. Flair gives hims some advice, and Gunner goes back into the ring. He takes a shot to the face of Styles and clubs him down. Gunner then hits a Suplex, but doesn't even get a one count. Gunner keeps Styles grounded with some stomps, and sloppily slams Styles down again. Styles gets back to his feet, and hits a Bell Clap to break free. Gunner reverses a Back Body Drop attempt with a High Knee for a one count. Gunner this time uses the ropes to hit a knee to the throat of A.J. Styles still fights back, but Gunner cuts him off. A.J. is then able to hit a few Clotheslines, but misses a third and Gunner puts him on the apron. A.J. is able to hit a Springboard Forearm, and Daniels and Kazarian make their way down. Daniels tells Kazarian to do what he says, and Kazarian is reluctant to, but in the ring, A.J. is able to hit an Enzuguri. Flair then distracts the ref, and Kazarian Clotheslines A.J. Daniels forces him to watch what happens next, and Gunner hits a brutal Spike DDT for the win.

Winner: Gunner

Daniels claps for Gunner, and Kazarian looks remorseful. Gunner throws A.J. out of the ring, and rolls up the protective padding. He goes for a DDT, but A.J. fights out and leaves through the crowd.

We go backstage and Magnus is saying that he's ready for Crimson. Crimson shows up and through some vulgarity says he'll end Magnus. Morgan stops him from fighting now, and we go to commercial.

Backstage, Bully Ray is with Sting, and Ray says Sting is going to grant Bully a favor. He says he hasn't lost one match since he's been a singles wrestler and he deserves a world title shot. Sting says he saw him screw Hardy last week. Sting says, "No Fava!" Sting says he's the boss, and he won't grant him anything for screwing someone, and to make an appointment next time. Ray says who he is and that he does what he wants, when he wants. He says he'll make an appointment, but next time Sting'll have to listen. Sting says he's looking forward to it and punches Bully in the chest.

We go back down to the ring, and Magnus makes his way to the ring, without Samoa Joe. Crimson comes out next, and yes, he's still undefeated. Morgan isn't with Crimson.

Magnus vs Crimson

Magnus attacks Crimson from behind before the match starts, and hits him with a good Clothesline for a two count. Magnus then hits a Suplex for another two count. Crimson quickly takes control and hits Red Sky for the three count.

Winner: Crimson

After the match, Joe comes out and lays out Crimson. The crowd starts a "Joe's gonna' kill you" chant, and Joe continues stomping on Crimson, now with Magnus's help. Morgan finally comes to help, and he starts working over Magnus in the corner, but Joe catches him with a Chop Block. Magnus with a Snap Scoop Slam on Crimson to lay him out again, then they hit their signature double team move that they've been doing the past few weeks on Morgan. The crowd boos both men as Magnus tries on the title before putting it back down.

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