Impact Wrestling Results: Hardy Vs. Storm, Shelly Returns - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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We then go to a clip from earlier today with Eric Young pondering if he could be an MMA fighter after seeing a Bellator poster. He says he shouldn't fight women, because he's a "southern gentleman." I thought he was Canadian. Young goes back and forth with a caterer, who he confuses with Cyborg Santos. ODB then shows up, and he says that he heard about EY's big match tonight. Young says he thinks it's against the law to fight girls, but ODB talks him into it. Young thinks she means if he does a number on Love that they'll start holding hands, and you know what's after that...marriage. We get a plug for Hardy vs Storm before we go to commercial.

We come back to a replay of Garrett and Eric Bischoff's exchange from last week. We now see a video of Garrett training with a voice over from Eric saying he has no future or friends in this business, which I believe he said last week. Nice little video package of Garrett training actually. At the end he says he can't wait to get back to the Impact Zone, and he can't wait to see Eric's face when he finds out who he has training him.

We then go back to a replay of the Genesis match between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, and what set up the Cage match tonight. Back to tonight's show, Madison is ranting backstage to Kim. Kim finally tells her to calm down and says she'll be there for her tonight. Madison tries to argue, but Kim stops her, and they walk out. We go to another commercial.

We come back to Mickie James's music playing, and it's time for some women locked in a cage. Madison Rayne is out next, and she accompanied by her fellow TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Gail Kim. Madison looks worried. Kim leads her into the cage like a parent leading their kid to their first day of school. Earl Hebner sends Kim back to the back.

Steel Cage Match: Mickie James vs Madison Rayne

Mickie quickly takes control and slams Madison into the turnbuckle pad before delivering kicks to Rayne. Madison quickly tries to escape, but Micki catches her and hits a brutal sit-out powerbomb. Mickie keeps going to work on Madison in the corner, and then Snapmares her over before hitting a Running Dropkick for a two count. Mickie goes for another pin attempt, but gets another two. Mickie then locks in a Half Nelson on Rayne. She keeps it locked on for a while, but Madison is able to get back to her feet, and Madison hits a sick kick to the face, taking control. We go to commercial as Mickie is able to reverse an Irish Whip into one of her own, sending Madison into the corner.

We come back with Mickie in control, but Madison catches her with an eye poke. Mickie is able to hit a nice Flapjack, followed by a kip-up to take Madison back down. Mickie gets caught between the cage and the ropes and Madison hits a reverse hotshot, which slams Mickie's face into the cage. Madison then rubs Mickie's face over the cage. Madison then hits a Snap Suplex, and rolls it into a neckbreaker. Great move that gets a two count. Madison stays in control, and hits the move where she repeatedly slams Mickie's face into the mat with a Headscissors for a two count. Mickie fights out of a rear chinlock, but Madison knees her back down. Mickie gets whipped into the corner, and Madison hits a Splash, followed by a Facebuster. Madison yells at a grounded Mickie, and goes for another Facebuster, but Mickie counters into a Neckbreaker. Both women are down and Earl Hebner starts the count. They don't get up, but starts fighting from their knees. Finally to their feet, they trade shots, which Mickie gets the upper hand, hitting a few Clothesline, and Forearms. Mickie gets caught with an Eye Rack by Madison, just as she was getting fired up though. Madison gets a two count after a knee to the head. Madison then hits some punches to the face of Mickie, and chokes her. Madison tries to send her into the cage, but Mickie reverses and slams Madison into the cage twice, then hits the Mickie-DT for the three count.

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