Impact Wrestling Results: Hardy Vs. Storm, Shelly Returns - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Winner: Mickie James

We replay the Direct Auto Insurance Impact of the Night, which is the Mickie-DT that finished the match.

We go backstage to Austin Aries, who says he's entertaining no matter what. He says he's talking about what he's about to be talking about in a couple of minutes, and people are still entertained. He says in a few minutes when he's going to say what he's talking about now, people won't be able to turn away. Austin Aries...the man gets into your head, I'm confused now. Apparently he's talking next, but first, more commercials.

We are back with Mickie celebrating backstage with Tara and Velvet Sky. Mickie says she feels amazing, but Gail Kim is still on her list. She acknowledges that Gail was so quick to leave Madison today. Useless segment.

We then go to Hardy backstage from "moments ago." He says he's been screwed twice lately, and that he's in need of a payoff right now, and it would be right to have him vs Roode in a no-disqualifications match, but first he's got to beat James Storm.

We get a video package of Austin Aries, with a voice over of him, talking about how great he is, and that he's in need of some top competition because no one can stop him. He says he wears all these sequins and turquoise colors because it's psychological. People don't realize how tough he is, or how smart he is. He says he's the toughest, most stubborn, and smartest wrestler here. He says they should get rid of the weight limits, or do handicap matches because no one can beat him. He may just have to retire.

He then makes his way out to the Impact Zone, wearing street clothes. Aries tells the crowd to be quiet since he has something to say. He says he's going to sound like a broken record, but it's the time of the month where he comes out here after another successful title defense and states the obvious once again. No one in Impact Wrestling is in his league, according to A-Double. The crowd starts a you suck chant, and Aries says if he sucks so bad, why is he still the champion. An "Aries" chant then breaks out, and he says if they think he wants them to chant his name, they are mistaken. he doesn't want a bunch of nobodies to chant his name. He says no one in the back can take him on, then the Motor City Machine Guns music plays and Alex Shelley makes his return to Impact Wrestling to a huge pop. Shelley says he missed the fans, being in the ring, but didn't miss Aries. He says one year ago, he separated his shoulder, and four months late he comes back, and that day, his partner, Chris Sabin tears his ACL. He says his life has revolved around wrestling since he was a little kid. He says he thought he'd wait until Sabin was better and come back with him, but he says he's tired of Aries, and that Aries couldn't "beat the piss out of a urine-soaked sponge." Aries says he's tired of boys like Shelley trying to challenge him. Shelley says he's talked to Sabin, and he had no problem with Shelley coming back. He says the last time he wrestled Shelley, Aries won after a low blow. Aries says well that shouldn't matter because there's nothing there to hurt. Aries says he's been riding Sabin's coat-tails for three years, and he should just go back home. Shelley says if he's so bad, then Aries shouldn't have any issue in putting the title up against Shelley. Aries says he sees what's going on here, and that Shelley has to earn a title match. He says he finds himself any X Division star back there, and if he defeats him, he can get a shot. Shelley says he'll let Aries pick the challenger, and after that, he's coming for Aries at Against All Odds.

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