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We go backstage to ODB, who says she wants EY to rip Angelina in half, rip out her weave, fake nails, among other things. Winter then attacks ODB from behind, and they start fighting backstage. ODB ends up on top and starts throwing some punches. Winter is able to hit ODB with some sort of baton, then takes her belt off and starts whipping ODB with it. Winter chokes ODB with the belt, and screams at her. We go to commercial.

We come back to Angelina Love coming out for her match against Eric Young. She is accompanied by Winter. Eric Young is out next to a good pop. He does his usual crazy antics for his entrance. EY locks up with the referee, then does a cartwheel before the match starts

Inter-Gender Match: Angelina Love (with Winter) vs Eric Young

Young tries to call a time out after the bell rings, and Angelina begs him to hit her. Young doesn't follow through and stalls some more as the crowd chants his name. Young locks up with referee Stifler again, and then rolls out of the ring, and tries to lock up with the crowd members. Stifler begs him to get back in the ring, and he finally does. Love is ready to fight, but EY tries to shake her hand. Young locks up with the ref again, and pushes Angelina into the corner, using the ref. He then starts the count as if the refs the competitor. Love then hits a running kick to the groin to end this match.

Winner: Eric Young by disqualification

Love and Winter attack EY, but ODB comes out to a good pop and takes out Winter. Winter and Love are able to double team ODB, and Winter tries to whip her with the belt again, but EY stops them and throws both girls out of the ring. Young helps ODB up, and they kiss in the middle of the ring. Love looks sick up the ramp, and Taz acts as if he's a bout to puke.

We go backstage to Storm, who says it's his time. He busted his butt to build this company, and it's his time to become World Heavyweight Champion. He says he's definitely prepared for Hardy. He says he has no more words because he's sick and tired of talking. It's time for his to show the world that he can be the World Heavyweight Champion. Up next, James Storm vs Jeff Hardy.

Back from the break, James Storm comes out first for the main event. Jeff Hardy is out next, and man, I really hate his theme song. We get formal introductions by Jeremy Borash.

#1 Contender's Match: James Storm vs Jeff Hardy

They shake hands before they start off the match, and Storm quickly tkaes down Hardy down. They do a bit of chain-wrestling at the start, getting a few one counts between each other. Good mat-word by Storm, but Hardy switches it around with a Side Headlock Takedown of his own. Storm with a nice Arm Drag, but Hardy is able to hit one of his own, and he locks the arm after his. Storm gets back to his feet, and we get some standing chain wrestling, but Storm hits a Shoulder Block. Back to his feet, Hardy hits a Running Forearm, taking Storm down. Hardy then hits a Leg Drop to the mid-section, that looked low as always. Storm moves out of the corner, allowing Hardy to run into it. We go to break with Storm taking control of Hardy after the dodge.

We are back with Storm in control of Hardy, but Hardy catches him in the corner, and sends him outside. Hardy then hits a Flying Crossbody over the top rope, taking Storm out. Hardy slams Storm into the ring apron, and gets a two count after he rolled Storm back into the ring. Hardy with a standing leg drop, but Storm is able to fight back to his feet, and takes control, and hits a Slingshot Suplex, as Taz said, shades of Tully Blanchard. Rare move that you would think we'd see more often. Storm continues to ground Hardy with a Chinlock. Hardy reverses a Fireman's carry attempt into a Side Russian Legsweep, then does his weird leg drop to the legs pin for a two count. Hardy then goes up and hits Whisper in the Wind for a two count. We get a replay of the last move, and Storm sure did sell it good. Hardy with his own Rear Chinlock this time, keeping Storm grounded for a little while. Ha, Brian Hebner is wearing blue trimmed shoes. Anyway, Storm fights back to his feet, and goes for the Eye of the Storm, he starts spinning, but Hardy drops down and Storm hits a great move that I have no idea what to even call. It was like a Samoan Drop-spun around into a side Facebuster. Storm measures Hardy for the Last Call Superkick now. Hardy catches it and hits the Twist of Fate, the Stuner version, not the Cutter. Hardy goes up top, but Storm catches him and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Storm goes up top and goes for a Superplex from the top-rope. Hardy fights out of it, and pushes Storm down. Hardy gets caught with a big kick to the face, though, and Storm once again goes up top for another Top-Rope Superplex, and this time he hits that. Sick impact there. Storm pins Hardy, but Bully Ray sneaks in and attacks Brian Hebner. Ray then starts whipping both men with his steel chain. I don't see how you fake that, that looks freakin' painful. Earl Hebner then comes out, and Bully punches him right in the head. He takes a drink of Storm's beer, and spits it in his face. Bully continues whipping the men, then attacks another referee, this time it's Stifler who came running down. Sting then comes down the ramp with a Baseball bat and hits Ray in the gut, then the back with it. Ray starts running away, and Sting follows. Meanwhile, this match is actually still going on, but Roode comes in and lays out both Storm and Hardy with the championship belt. It looks like this match is now over since they're definitely not getting up from that. Roode gets a mic and says that he's the most dominant champion in history, and he declares this match a no contest. He proclaims that he's still the champion, in self-announcing style. His music plays and he taunts in the ring amidst carnage. Roode leaves the ring, and walks back up the ramp as Storm and Hardy start to stir. We go off air after shots of all three men, ending with Roode.

Winner: No Contest

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