Top Five Moments of WWE Raw

Opening Segment: Great mic work from Ziggler, Foley and CM Punk to kick off Raw. Ziggler continues to grow every week.

Jericho's In-Ring Return: Jericho fools us all again, parades around the ring and then leaves in the Raw main event. Can't wait to see him actually wrestle.

Over the Top Rope Challenge: The Royal Rumble build-up is always awesome, including this week's Over the Top Rope Challenge. R-Truth's promo before the challenge was great and he needs to continue to get mic time.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger: The darker side of John Cena is finally coming out. This is what his character needed all along. He can keep the good guy persona as long as he adds some roughness around the edges while wrestling. That's why people loved Stone Cold Steve Austin. He would bash stairs on your head, flip you off and laugh about it later.

John Laurinaitis & Mick Foley: Mick Foley looked really out of shape, but it seems like the WWE is putting him in the right direction, with a return to the GM spot and a great story between him and Laurinaitis. Finally Laurinaitis gets interesting as he bashed Foley over the skull. Great way to end the show.

Friday Night Smackdown in 25 Words

Smackdown Roulette in Las Vegas. Tables, dancing, and Rhodes vs Hornswoggle. Daniel Bryan escapes with title again. Sheamus clears ring and shows Royal Rumble skills.

WWE Week in 90 Seconds:

Check out the Exclusive Video HERE to see the week in 90 seconds.

WWE DVD Releases
WWE: TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2011 CM Punk makes an appearance on the cover, and even without John Cena, this was a solid PPV event all around.

Top Tweets of the Week

Evan Bourne (@findevan)
Sorry y'all. Sometimes we become our own worst enemy.

CM Punk (@CMPunk)
Watching somebody from tmz Hound some person. No clue who anybody is anymore. #outofstep

John Cena (@JohnCena)
Apparently we have new tag team champs..and I died in a car wreck. 1 of those is true. Congrats Primo and Epico.

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