Thanks to reader Deven Styczynski for sending in these results from last night's Supershow at Fargodome in Fargo, ND:

They seated for 6000 people and filled more than 5000 of the seats from what the Dome workers said. Nicky Bella was the ring announcer for the evening.

Match 1 Alex Riley vs. Ryback. Alex Riley was first to enter and got a fair pop. But then Ryback came out and the crowd was literally going, "who?" Ryback was overpowering Riley most of the match with a display of pure brute force. Riley got a quick roll up for the 1, 2, 3 and the match was over pretty quick.

Match 2 Natalia and Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly. The Divas of Doom were quick to gain control of the match. Eve was taking the brunt of the assault. After a hot tag, Kelly took control by eliminating Beth and hitting the DDT on Natalia and getting the pin.

Jack Swagger came out to promo that he felt bad for what he did to Zack Ryder, but claimed it was necessary to get back on track. He then declared an open challenge to anyone in the roster. Hit R Truths music.

Match 3 Jack Swagger vs. R Truth. The match started off with the standard grapple and trading of blows until Truth got the upper hand. Swagger attempted to get counted out by walking out, but Truth stopped him and put him back in the ring. Swagger gained the upper hand and hit the Swagger Bomb, but Truth hit the Little Jimmy and got the pinfall to win the US Championship.

David Otunga (Mr. Jennifer Hudson) came out and said the match was non-title and Truth didn't get to keep the belt. He will look in your direction if you yell Mr. Jennifer Hudson at him, or at least he did tonight.

Cody Rhodes came out to promo saying he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that last night in Winnipeg while facing Ted DiBiase, DiBiase broke his hand during the match and was not able to compete. He then stated that he was going to celebrate for three minutes while a referee declared him the winner by forfeit. Hit Alex Riley's music. Alex Riley then began a promo, stating that the good, hard working people of Fargo didn't pay to see Cody Rhodes get that kind of victory and issued a challenge.

Match 4 Cody Rhodes vs. Alex Riley. Before the match started, Cody stated non-title. The match was standard grapple and trading blows opening. Cody gained the upper hand for the majority of the match. Riley then hit the Spinebuster and went for the cover, near fall. More trading blows and back and forth off the ropes and then Cody hit the Disaster Kick and gained the pinfall.

Wade Barrett comes out next and starts a promo about Randy Orton's return and the Barrett Barrage. Hit Sheamus' music.

Match 5 Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. Barrett controlled the match early on with a strong ground game. Sheamus then gained control and the crowd got to play Counting with Sheamus. He fooled the crowd again by getting to nine and pausing before getting to 10. Sheamus went for the High Cross/Celtic Cross but Barrett slid out of it. More trading of blows and Sheamus goes up to for the Battering Ram. He is knocked down and hung up on the top turnbuckle. Barrett goes for a superplex and Sheamus fights out and ends up doing a flying press into a cover. Barrett kicks out at 2. More trading of blows and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and gets the pinfall.

Match 6 Epico and Primo w/ Rosa Mendez vs. Kofi Kingston and Mason Ryan. The match starts out with Mason Ryan dominating but Epico and Primo with sheer power. Epico and Primo go through a phase of tagging back and forth because they don't want to fight Mason Ryan. Ryan stops this, but becomes overpowered due to the referee talking to Kofi about staying in the corner. Ryan gets a hot tag to Kofi and takes over, hitting a few drop kicks and the Boom Drop. During this exchange, Mason Ryan is run into a corner post and is KO. Kofi is then double teamed and receives the Backstabber. Epico and Primo pick up the victory.

Match 7 Daniel Brian vs. The Big Show. This is for the World Heavyweight Championship. Big show dominates early on during the match. Several times he shushed the crowd and then slapped Brian in the chest. It really is as loud as you think it would be. Brian manages to kick out of several near falls. He then proceeded to chop block Show's left leg 4 times to get him to fall. Brian then put Show in the half-crab on his left leg. Show powers out of the hold but can't stand and gets kicked in the head by Brian. Pin, 1, 2, throws Brian to the other side of the ring. Brian attempts to lock in the LaBell Lock but Show powers out. Brian goes up top, but gets hit with the WMD on the way down. Show goes for the pin, but Barrett and Otunga rush the ring, break up the count, and proceed to stomp Big Show. Big Show gets up and hits a double chokeslam and walks out of the ring the winner of the match without the belt.

Miz comes out to promo that he is going to win his match and become the new WWE Champion. During his promo there is a mixed reaction from the crowd, but airing on the side of dislike for Miz. Miz finishes his promo, hit CM Punk music. On CM Punk's way to the ring I yelled, "You are the best in the world!" He came over and slapped my hand.

Match 8 CM Punk vs. The Miz. This is a steel cage WWE Championship match. The match started out with an evenly matched ground game that went back and forth rapidly. Miz gained control and attempted to escape up top, but was caught and brought back in. More ground game and another escape attempt by Miz, stopped again. Punk then goes for an escape over the top and is stopped. Punk gains control and tries leave up top while the Miz attempts to leave out the door. He is stopped by Punk. Miz regains control and attempts to escape from the cage up top again, stopped again. Ground game again and Punk goes for the pin, near fall. Miz gains control and attempts again to escape out the top of the cage and is stopped yet again. Punk is then hung up on the top rope during the exchange and Miz stands on Punk's back. Miz goes for yet another escape and fails, but this time Punk came out on top with a superplex. Punk goes for the escape up top and is caught and then back dropped center ring. Miz goes for the escape and is caught and he is also back dropped center ring. A trading of blows and Punk hits a Randy Orton powerslam on Miz, pin attempt, near fall. Crowd chants for GTS and Punk signals for the GTS. Punk goes for the GTS and Miz slides out. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finally and gets a near fall. Punk regains control with the high knee followed by bulldog, another near fall. Miz regains control and attempts to escape the right yet again out the top and is denied once again. Miz then attempts to escape out the door, but is dragged back in by Punk and Punk tries to quickly escape out the still open door and is also denied. Miz hits the backbreaker and gets a near fall. He then attempts to go up top yet again to escape the cage. He is stopped and dropped center of the ring. Punk mugs Randy Savage style and hits the elbow drop. Punk goes for the pin and gets a near fall. Crowd chants GTS again and Punk again signals it is "Go To Sleep Time". Punk hits the GTS, goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3. Punk retains his WWE Championship and the crowd is happy. Punk mugs on top of the cage and then hits all the ringside fans. This takes him roughly 5 minutes and the crowd goes home happy.

Biggest pops of the night were as follows starting with the greatest: CM Punk, Big Show, Sheamus, R Truth, Kofi Kingston, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, and Alex Riley.

Most mixed reactions: Miz, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Brian, and Wade Barrett

Most heat: Jack Swagger, David Otunga, Natalia, Ryback

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