Thanks to reader Jesse Collings for sending in these results from last night's TNA house show in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

Show kicked off with SoCal Val in the ring holding out two backstage passes to whoever can make the most noise. Rosita and Sarita come out and rip the tickets apart. ODB and Brooke Tessmacher hit the ring, ODB pulls out two more passes and says if her and Brooke win the match, she will give the passes out.

Match Number One: ODB and Brooke Tessmacher defeated Rosita and Sarita when Brooke hit a high cross body on Sarita for the pin.

Match Number Two: Garrett Bischoff beat Robbie E. with a rollup.

Match Number Three: Shannon Moore beat Kid Kash and Jesse Sorrenson after he hit a DDT on Kash. Kid Kash was bleeding from his nose pretty badly, it looked like it may have been broken.

Match Number Four: Eric Young defeated the Pope after the referee pushed the Pope into a EY, who rolled him up for the three count. The Ref also put Eric Young in a wrist lock and scooped slammed the Pope throughout the match.

There is a rather lengthy intermission, Rosita and Sarita come back out to sign autographs and Don West is in the ring with a box of merchandise. West is throwing action figures and DVD's into the crowd! I'm actually able to catch one and it's a DVD of TNA's best matches from 2009, pretty good promotional work for TNA.

Match Number Five: Rob Van Dam and Ken Anderson defeated Mexican America when RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Anarquia. Anderson grabbed the microphone before the match and announced that his hair was actually brown, not black, and that it was his natural color.

Match Number Six: Jeff Hardy beat Christopher Daniels with the Twist of Fate in the main event.

After the match, Don West announces that for just $10, you can get in the ring and get your picture taken with Jeff Hardy. A lot of people line up to get their picture taken, and it looks like TNA is going to make some serious cash.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience. TNA Live is a lot more economic then a WWE event, and since they are in a small venue, their truly isn't a bad seat in the house. I had a better time then I thought I was going to have, but I was still a little disappointed that a lot of the guys I associate with TNA, like AJ, Kaz, Storm, Joe, Roode and Abyss were not there.

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