WWE House Show Results From Las Cruces, NM (1/22) - Orton Returns!

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WWE House Show Results From Las Cruces, NM (1/22) - Orton Returns!
I went to the WWE Supershow in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I sat in the second seat in the 3rd row. I got to the arena early and watched the wrestlers show up, the only person that signed autographs was Vickie Guerrero. I'm not sure if she always signs in every city she's in, but she always signs in Las Cruces or El Paso, probably because she is from the area so she's showing us some love. I asked Vickie how her daughter Shaul was doing and she said that she's doing good, she's going to be seeing her in two weeks and she can't wait for that. I told her how I had a class with Shaul at New Mexico State University, which is where I go to school, and Shaul went to school there for a whole year I believe after she graduated high school. Vickie said that Shaul misses school and Las Cruces. I told Vickie to take care and thanked her for the autograph. She's always nice and down to earth. She didn't say where she was going to see Shaul at in 2 weeks, I'm assuming Shaul will go back to El Paso for a few days.

No one else signed any autographs, they came from one of the Dakotas to El Paso by airplane, then drove from El Paso to Las Cruces which is about an hour and fifteen minutes or so from the airport in El Paso to the Pan American Center in Las Cruces. Cena had his own bus, Punk had his own bus, Big Show had his own bus and one more person had their own bus, I didn't see who had the 4th bus. Cena walked by like he was pissed off, same with Punk and Show. I'm sure they were just tired, I can't see how Cena is tired though, this was the first show of the weekend for him. I could have sworn I had seen Cena's bus about a block or two away from the arena at a tanning place. My dad and I were driving to the show and I pointed at the bus and said to check it out, it looked exactly like Cena's bus and it was parked in front of a tanning place, it wasn't a gym or anything else.

The press release that WWE released on Monday the 16th had Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton in a street fight, Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship, Kane vs. Cena and finally Miz vs. Punk for the WWE Championship. The WHC match was just Show vs. Bryan, Henry wasn't there. Also Zack Ryder was there at the show but he wasn't used or anything. He arrived to the arena, I got some pictures of him showing up but he just wasn't used. Arn Anderson was the road agent for the show, Mike Chioda and Jack Doan were the two referees, Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

As for the show, the first match was a battle royal, the winner of the match faces Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship. JTG, Skip "Ryback" Sheffield, Epico, Primo, Drew McIntyre, Santino Marella, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, David Otunga, Mason Ryan, R-Truth and Alex Riley were the 12 participants in the match, the match ended with Sheamus throwing David Otunga over the top rope to get the win.

After the match Justin Roberts announced the winner being Sheamus, then Cody Rhodes' music hit and he came out. Sheamus had Cody hung up on the ropes punching him in his chest like he does and referee Jack Doan counted to 5 and Sheamus didn't break the hold so he disqualified Sheamus, and Cody retains his belt.

The third match of the night was Jack Swagger, accompanied by Vickie, and they called out anyone who would fight Swagger for the belt. R Truth came out and beat Swagger, then Otunga came out and said that the match was a non-title match so Truth had to give the belt back to Swagger, which he did by shoving it in his chest.

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