WWE House Show Results From Las Cruces, NM (1/22) - Orton Returns!

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The fourth match of the night was Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly and Eve with Brie Bella as the special referee. Kelly Kelly got the pinfall to win the match for their team.

Barrett came out bragging about how he put Randy Orton out of action and how he's challenging one of Orton's old pals in Legacy, Ted Dibiase. Dibiase came out and stood on top of the stage, then Orton came out to a huge pop and ran to the ring to beat down Barrett. Kofi, Primo, Epico, JTG and Santino all came down to hold them apart from beating each other up and they did that for a few minutes. Kofi, JTF and Epico all ate an RKO for their efforts. Santino was the last one in the ring and calmly but humorously left the ring not wanting to be RKO'd. The fight spilled into the crowd but not really, Barrett jumped the rail and so did Orton, Orton got a punch or two in and threw Barrett back over. Orton got on all four turnbuckles and posed.

After that Daniel Bryan and Big Show fought for the World Heavyweight Championship. Solid match between the two. Show hit the WMD on Bryan and went for the pin, David Otunga and Drew McIntyre came in and started beating down the Big Show as the ref was counting to two. They got a double chokeslam for their efforts. Show won via DQ, but Bryan retains.

Next up was Kane vs Cena, typical match between the two, Kane got DQ'd for using the chair on Cena and hit Cena with a choke slam. Kane gets to the ramp and comes back and wants some more of Cena and Cena hits Kane with an AA. The crowd was about 60-40 Cena. "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chants going on throughout the match, the crowd was hot for this match all throughout.

Justin Roberts thanked us for being a great crowd, he said by the looks of the attendance that they would be back to Las Cruces, but they didn't announce a return date. They come to Las Cruces once a year so I'm sure they'll be back later this year, or for sure next year. They were just in El Paso in September with the Raw brand.

Miz and Punk fought for the WWE Championship, another solid match. Punk hit Miz with the GTS for the three count. Punk had the crowd in the palm of his hand, everyone was cheering for him and chanting his name throughout the match and everything. He went around ringside shaking hands with people and signed a few autographs, I got to shake his hand and pat his shoulder, so that was awesome. Out of a 1-10 I'd rate the show a 9 since it was my first Supershow at a house show.

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