Thanks to reader Evan for sending in these results from yesterday's TNA house show in Lowell, MA:

I attended the TNA house show in Lowell, MA, and was reasonably surprised. I had a fifty dollar ticket so I got to attend a meet and greet with all of the wrestlers, with the exception of Jeff Hardy (you had to buy a limited edition action figure to see him, which I did). The show drew a pretty small crowd, about the size of an ECW crowd from back in the day, without the hostile fans. Lots of Hardy fans at the show.

The first match was ODB and Brooke Tessmacher defeating Rosita and Sarita in a solid opener, but nothing too special.

Next up was Robbie E (w/ Rob Terry) defeating Garett Bischoff.

Then was an X division three way with Jesse Sorenson vs. Shannon Moore vs. Kid Kash. Kid Kash got great heel heat and gave a lot to this match. Moore got the win in what I consider the match of the night.

Next was Eric Young vs. The Pope. Very funny match, EY did his thing where he grappled with the referee. At one point in the match the ref scoop-slammed Pope, which was pretty funny. Young won with a small package with an assist by the ref for his fast count.


RVD and Mr Anderson defeated Mexican America. Decent tag match, crowd was really behind RVD and Anderson.

Main event saw Jeff Hardy defeat Christopher Daniels in a good match. Daniels controlled most of the match, and got a lot of heat. Hardy hit a twist of fate to win. After the match Don West came out with an ice pack and gave it to Jeff who stuck it on his back, so it looks like he is having some back problems.

After the show Hardy stayed and took pictures in the ring with the fans, but of course Don West was selling it for 10 bucks.

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