Shane Helms Talks Final Days Of WCW, WWE Buying WCW, Early WWE Run, Rock & More

WrestlingINC: What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff as a boss at that time?

Helms: I didn't ever have to deal with the maniacal Eric. I came after his little fall from grace and he's the one that hired me. I can't say anything bad about that. I never saw anything bad, he was always cool to me and he's the guy who hired me.

WrestlingINC: What about Vince Russo?

Helms: Russo's the guy who put us on TV. He saw immediately the 3 Count gimmick had some heat to it. Those green circle things [in their video] was actually an accident. We'd actually filmed that video standing on those green circles and they were supposed to superimpose those out so that it looked like we were standing in space or on the water. You know how like green screens work. That's what those circles were supposed to be. WCW left the green circles in everything by accident. Russo was the one who thought that was funny and came up with the idea of us - I don't know who made them but we showed up one day and they got green circles and we're going to carry them around with us forever. I only dealt with him a little bit and, like I said, he was cool to me too.

WrestlingINC: Overall, how would you rate your time with WCW?

Helms: In WWE they did the rise and fall of WCW and because I was one of the guys who survived and I was still in WWE at the time, they brought me in and interviewed me for it. I kind of got the feeling they wanted me to say something bad but I just didn't have nothing bad to say. I knew that bad sh-t went on around me and before I got there and stuff like that but nothing bad happened directly to me and everybody was nice to me and cool and they gave me opportunities. I made the most of those opportunities. I didn't want to jump on that bandwagon that so many guys did and bash it when I didn't have anything really bad to say.

WrestlingINC: Then you joined with WWE. You were only one of 20-25 guys that they brought over.

Helms: I don't know how many guys. They brought over so many guys but then like half of them went to Cincinnati or OVW or some nonsense like that. I don't know how many guys they brought initially.

WrestlingINC: What was the feeling like backstage towards end of WCW? It must have been crazy.

Helms: Yeah, it was and towards those last two months we would hear a different story every week on who was buying the company. It would just be it was Colonel Sanders this week; it was Ronald McDonald the next week. We just heard so many stories we didn't know what to believe. At that last Nitro we heard the WWE office was trying to work us so much and just they were trying to tell us everything's going to be alright but obviously the company was in shambles. We didn't know what to believe from them. Even when we saw the signs - it had WWF on one of the doors or whatever - we still didn't believe that. We didn't believe it until Shane McMahon walked into that room. Once we saw Shane McMahon it was like, okay, sh-t's on now I guess.

WrestlingINC: What was your reaction like when he walked in?

Helms: It was just wild because we just knew that this was something. This was going to change the future of the industry, not just for us but for fans and everybody that's involved or watches the business. We knew that this was a monumental moment. It was wild and don't let anybody tell you anything different. Everybody was worried about their jobs, from top guy to bottom guy. None of us knew - were they just going to get rid of it? Was it going to take us all in? None of us knew what the hell was going on.

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