Shane Helms Talks Final Days Of WCW, WWE Buying WCW, Early WWE Run, Rock & More

WrestlingINC: It's crazy to look back at the guys who came from WCW who were there at the end. Really the only guys that had real success with longevity were you and Booker T.

Helms: Yeah, I'd throw Chavo in there too. We were the WCW three. Politics aside, the cream usually does rise in the business and we survived; we survived all the nonsense.

WrestlingINC: You were the Hurricane. That gimmick lasted a long time. Was it because you were a fan of the Green Lantern?

Helms: I was a comic book fan. I liked the idea; the Green Lantern symbol means willpower and I was the small guy on the wrestling team, small guy on the football team so the willpower thing was just something I liked. Yeah, I'm a Green Lantern fan but that was the reason I got the tattoo.

WrestlingINC: Was the mask your idea?

Helms: No, not at all. Once they did the Hollywood Gregory Helms thing - and that was in Washington so we had red eyes out that night. We had red eyes out and I'm writing all these names down. I was the Hurricane Kid for a brief moment in a very early part of my career. For most of my indie career I was called Kid Vicious. It was my little moniker. I just thought the name was funny. It was just me being a skinny ass kid being called Kid Vicious.

WrestlingINC: I remember you being mentioned in Pro Wrestling Illustrated back in the day about that gimmick.

Helms: Yeah. I remember when I started using my name, Shane Helms; I was the Show Shane Helms in OMEGA. Before I became the Show, Shane Hurricane Helms was the name I was going to use too and just because it rhymed. People always want a story on why I chose the Hurricane but there's no good story; it just rhymed with Shane. It had a nice ring to it. The very next week I came and Stephanie was the one that was working with me back in those days creatively. She was the one that told me I couldn't be called Sugar Shane. I went to her and said, 'What do you think about Hurricane Helms?' She goes, 'Well, let me run it by legal,' but I could tell she liked it.

I got to the building early to catch them early to tell them that. Evidently when they went and had their little meeting she ran it by them. I'm in catering and I'm coming out of catering and Vince walks by and goes, 'Hurricane Helms! I like it!' Then that slowly trickled into becoming The Hurricane, which was because of the tattoos. It was part of the invasion angle and there was a backstage gimmick where I was talking to Steve Austin and the only direction I had was, 'Maybe Steve will talk about your tattoo or something.' I didn't know what I was going to say because I didn't know what Steve was going to say.

Steve and I just talked about this. We stay in touch a lot and were talking about bullsh-t and it just came up. We were talking about our promos because he just did an interview recently about how the promos suck because they're so scripted. The best promos just kind of happen sometimes and I totally agree with him 100% and this is one example. I didn't know what I was going to say because I didn't know what he was going to say. He's Steve Austin; he can say whatever the hell he wants. I'm just Hurricane Helms; I'm just lucky to even have a name at this point.

So I didn't know what I was going to say. He started talking about and I started talking about the Green Lantern like it was a real person. Everyone starts laughing their ass off and he just loved it. That right there is how the whole Hurricane gimmick happened.

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