Shane Helms Talks Final Days Of WCW, WWE Buying WCW, Early WWE Run, Rock & More

WrestlingINC: I have to agree with you guys about the promos. When you got five writers writing promos for 50 guys it's hard to get any individuality or spontaneous moments out of it. It's kind of a lost art.

Helms: Yeah, I think there are guys that can be good with bullet points and even toward the end they never really scripted my promos for me because they know like I was going to change it anyway. They gave me the idea for the character but I'm the one that created all the intricacies, the little nuances and the crazy things that the Hurricane did - the crazy lips, the stares. I was the one who did all that so I was like, 'You can't tell me how the Hurricane talks because I was the one who created all this sh-t. Kind of tell me what you want me to say, some bullet points to hit and I'll do it the way the Hurricane does it.'

That's really what they need to get too. If you got five guys and these guys generally aren't fighters... I don't want to generalize too much but certainly most of them that I knew weren't fighters. The guys need to be able to put their own spin on it. That's what being an artist is. You don't just go trace over someone else's work. You got to be able to put your own touch on it.

WrestlingINC: You and Lance [Storm] feuded with the Hardys. Was it crazy to be on the big stage with them?

Helms: Yeah, that meant a lot to all of us to finally be at that level. Me and Lance were really good and I think there were talks of me and Lance… at the time they had all the WCW tag team titles - and there were talks of me and Lance of getting them but I already had the European title and they didn't want me to have two titles. If I didn't have the European title me and Lance probably would have gotten the WCW title. I kind of wish we would have had those instead. That would have saved me from a lot of ass whooping that I had as a European champion.

Me and Lance gelled really good for two guys that were just kind of thrown together. Sometimes good tag teams do that.

WrestlingINC: Yeah it seemed like they threw you together because of your names. Was that the idea?

Helms: Yeah, I was doing this backstage then where I was going up to different people saying all kinds of crazy Hurricane sh-t and for whatever reason I started calling everybody citizen. To this day, if you follow Jim Ross' Twitter, he still calls Lance Citizen Storm to this day. It was just something they thought was funny and because the Storm probably had something to do with it. We had a lot of fun.

WrestlingINC: It seemed like the Hurricane really took off with the feud with the Rock in 2003. What was that like?

Helms: That was something just like the Austin thing. It was only going to that first vignette that we did in Toronto. That's all it was going to be. Toronto has a habit of cheering for the bad guys and booing the baby faces. Luckily, as the Hurricane, they always cheered me no matter what. I always appreciated that. You always remember sh-t like that. It was one of those things where they needed somebody that the fans would cheer for against Rock because he was just so over as a character. Even when they wanted him to be heel, sometimes the crowd would pull for him. They just wanted the crowd to not boo me necessarily. That's the only reason we even had this first little locker room interaction.

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