Shane Helms Talks Final Days Of WCW, WWE Buying WCW, Early WWE Run, Rock & More

I remember we did it and it aired. That one wasn't live. I remember just watching it as it played back. All the boys are just laughing their ass off. I saw Kevin Dunn after the show and he was like, 'That's the best backstage vignette we've ever done.'

WrestlingINC: I remember on our site everybody was raving about it.

Helms: Then we tangled with each other in a Battle Royale that night. The second me and him got into it the crowd lit up. I guess they saw there was something with the characters there. It snow balled into a couple more vignettes and then we had the big match in Cleveland.

WrestlingINC: Was it the Rock's idea to put you over? Was that creative's idea?

Helms: That was the Rock's idea. He was going to Mania against Steve. 'You know what's going to make this match even more exciting?' What if before one of the biggest matches of his life he slips on a banana peel and loses to the Hurricane? It was a great idea and nobody expected it. Everybody knows that they kind of wasted me a little bit afterward. It's something they should have run with even more after that but it was a great moment in time.

WrestlingINC: It seemed like the fans were reacting even more to you after that.

Helms: Yeah it was good and the merchandise sales were going through the roof. At that time the only people selling more merch than me was Austin and Rocky. The company was extremely thrilled with me. That's one of the reasons they kept me around so long. Those merchandise sales were doing pretty good.

WrestlingINC: How was Rock to work with? He gets a lot of flak now.

Helms: He was professional; he was open to any idea I had. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for part two of the interview where Helms talks about his WWE departure, his conversation with Chris Benoit before the tragedy, his motorcycle accident last year and more. Also, make sure to download Helm's app Shane Event at iTunes by clicking here.

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