Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to the show, and the WWE Champion CM Punk's music plays and he comes out to a great pop. The crowd chants Punk's name as he takes a seat in the middle of the ring. He says there's a huge WWE Championship match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, and it will be him, the best wrestler in the world, defending against...Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler gets booed heavily at the mention of his name. Punk says everyone of Ziggler's victories in the past month were gifts from John Laurinaitis, who is the referee of the title match this Sunday. Punk describes Johnny Ace in one word: Failure. He says these are all facts, on Wikipedia actually, and Ace was a failure as a wrestler, in management, and he just sucks. He says for the first time in his life, Johnny Ace told the truth last week. We then go to a video package of Ace admitting he was going to screw Punk last week and hitting Foley upside the head with a microphone.

Punk says it's safe to say that Ace isn't going to be unbiased, and he's pretty well, "screwed." He says unfortunately for Ace he knows better. He says there's a course of action that he could take, and he knows it's hard to ref a match with two broken arms. He says this is a personal invitation to come out here right now to Ace. He says he wants Laurinaitis to say what he said last week to his face. After a little while, no one comes out. Punk says he gave him his chance, now he's going to find Ace. Before Punk can get out of the ring, John Cena's music hits, and he gets booed heavily as he comes out. Cena is still being booed pretty bad as he's in the ring with Punk. Punk says he can see how he could be confused. He was talking about a company man named John, but now Cena. Cena says he was tired of listening to Punk ramble, and he's here for business. Cena says tonight, Laurinaitis will give Zack Ryder a rematch for his United States Championship right now, and he's also going to give Cena a match with Kane tonight. He says Mr. Laurinaitis will also appear right now, and resign as the Interim General Manager of Raw. A "You Can't Wrestle" chant was faintly heard. Punk says the people definitely want that to happen, and before Punk can say anything else, Laurinaitis comes out.

Ace says his resume, and Punk keeps saying, "huh?" He says everyone wishes they could take back something they said, but last week was not one of those days, and he won't be intimidated by either of them. Punk says he can't hear a word Laurinaitis is saying, so he should come down to the ring, so he can hear him better. Ace says he's the boss, and he won't listen to him. Ace says he made a mistake last week with Ryder, and Ryder will face Kane tonight in a Falls Count Anywhere match since he's cleared to compete. If Cena gets involved, Ryder will never get a rematch for the title. He says he's ordering Punk and Cena in a tag team match right now against two opponents that Laurinaitis have found. Vickie says, "Excuse Me," and gets a chorus of boos. She comes out with Dolph Ziggler and the United States Champion, Jack Swagger. Ziggler says Punk shouldn't be worried about John Laurinaitis, he should be worried about him because Laurinaitis doesn't need to screw Punk because this Sunday, Ziggler will flat-out beat Punk. Swagger then says that Cena is dead meat for what he did to him last week. Ziggler's music plays as they make their way down the ramp for this match. John Laurinaitis is in tow behind them.

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