Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Back from the break, the WWE Rewind shows the match where Ryder defeated Ziggler last September due to interference from Hugh Jackman. Should be noted that this rewind is brought to you by Real Steel.

Back to the show, they plug the Falls Count Anywhere match, which is next. Also tonight, R-Truth faces The Miz. They also plug the Royal Rumble PPV this weekend, and this leads us into a video package about the Royal Rumble Match. It's one of the "By the Numbers," that they usually do every year. I always liked these. They're still managing to do the bit where they say two Rumble winners have come in the number one spot without mentioning Chris Benoit. Also worth noting that the theme song for the Rumble is "Dark Horses" by Switchfoot, great song, really fits.

Backstage, Zack Ryder is talking with Eve, and Mick Foley walks up and tells Zack that Kane's an animal, but deep down, he's just a human being. Foley says he is serious bro, and he walks away. Eve says he doesn't have to do this, but Zack says he has no choice. Cena then walks up, and says he's got him tonight, but Ryder tells him to stay out of it. Ryder's music hits and he gets a pretty good pop that dies down really quickly though. Ryder's torso is heavily taped from the Chokeslam a few weeks ago by his opponent tonight. Kane's pyro hits, and the lights go out. His music then plays and Kane appears on the stage. He's still wearing that horrendous metal mask for his entrance. It's worth noting that this is Kane's first match since his return.

Falls Count Anywhere: Zack Ryder vs Kane

They match starts with Ryder taking it to Kane, but Kane slams him face first, and quickly starts working over Ryder's ribs. Ryder guillotines him over the top rope, but Kane boots him off the apron, onto the announce table, and then hits him with some more kicks outside the ring. Kane's attack is focusing on the ribs on Ryder. Kane then slams Ryder's back into the ring post twice before slamming him down. Kane launches Ryder into the steel steps now, then just stomps on the helpless Ryder. Eve makes her way out to ringside now, but she keeps her distance. She yells at Kane as he slams Ryder's back into the announce table. We go to commercial.

We come back to Kane slamming Ryder into the ringside barrier. I think it woke up a few of the fans. Kane is just killing Ryder here. During the break, a Throat Thrust sent Ryder off the turnbuckle and onto the floor. Kane then slams Ryder face first into the steps, which according to Cole is targeting the injured ribs. Kane gets a two count. Eve is looking on in fear, but she makes sure to keep her distance. Kane then starts smothering Ryder, but releases before he gets knocked out. Kane now throws Ryder over the barricade and into the crowd to fans that are sitting down, not on their feet. The crowd stirs and gets into it as Kane slams Ryder into some equipment by what looks like a production table between sets of the crowd. They continue making their way through the crowd, but Ryder fights back by blasting Kane with what looked like a briefcase. Kane takes him back down, and removes the tap on Ryder's ribs. Kane then throws Ryder onto the entrance ramp, and they're now at the stage. Kane hits a brutal kick to Ryder's ribs, then slams him into the WWE thing up on the stage, breaking parts of the bottomg of it. Kane continues working on the ribs of Ryder, but once again only gets a two count. Cole's commentary is even getting serious here. They're treating this like a really serious situation, pretty good commentary actually. The crowd starts chanting for Ryder, but he seems completely out of it. Kane now goes for a Chokeslam on the stage, and Ryder goes right through the stage! Eve runs to check on him, but it's no use. Kane then turns his attention to Eve, and stalks her down the ramp. John Cena then appears at the top of the ramp, and this diverts Kane from Eve. Kane goes through the crowd and Cena and Eve both check on Ryder, who is at the bottom of the stage. Greatness. They probably shouldn't have had a shot of Ryder because we really see it was a two foot drop now. Nonetheless, Eve is crying, and John looks close to tears. Ryder gets loaded up on a stretcher. Commercial time.

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