Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Up next, the Funkasaurus is "in da house."

Hey! William Regal joins Cole and King on commentary! We then go to a replay of Regal dancing last Friday, and then being squashed by Brodus Clay. Regal's commentary is great, and so is Brodus's acting on Smackdown. Brodus Clay then makes his way to the ring. The crowd really loves him, no sarcasm there, this dude is over. Brodus does his Michael Jackson impersonation before he gets into the ring. Heath Slater is his opponent tonight

Brodus Clay (with The Funkettes (Cameron and Naomi)) vs Heath Slater

Brodus jiggles, then takes down Slater with a Shoulder Block. Clay gets caught with a Dropkick, but Slater gets caught celebrating, and Clay hits an Exploder Suplex, followed by a Corner Splash, then a Running Crossbody for the three count.

Winner: Brodus Clay

We go to commercial after a plug for Punk vs Ace.

We come back and Justin Roberts runs by the stipulation that the loser becomes entrant number one in the Rumble this Sunday. Miz is out first, and we replay how he took out Truth a couple of months ago, ruining my favorite tag team in a few years. R-Truth comes out, and man this crowd is dead. Truth is wearing a Little Jimmy shirt.

The Miz vs R-Truth

They lock up, and it's a stalemate, but Miz is finally able to take control with some strikes. Truth takes control back though, only for Miz to roll out of the ring. Truth follows and Clotheslines him before rolling him back into the ring. Miz catches him coming in and takes back control. Miz with a double leg takedown to regain control once more, but Miz quickly takes it back and drapes Miz onto the apron. He hits a Spear, forcing Truth to take a brutal looking bump. We go to commercial.

Back from the break, Miz is in control with an Abdominal Stretch. Truth starts fighting out, and is able to get out of the hol.d Miz runs at Truth in the corner, but Truth hits what looked to be a low blow, but Miz doesn't sell it. Truth then hits a really nice roll up for a two count. Truth with a Sit-out Suplex Slam for a two count. Truth goes for the Axe Kick, but Miz reverses and hits the Reality Check for a two count. Truth goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Truth reverses and goes for the Lil' Jimmy, but Miz reverses and hits a DDT for a two count. Truth fights back and hits the Lil Jimmy for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

The win seemed almost premature because of how quiet the crowd was, but that was very good match and finish.

Jerry Lawler says he has news on Ryder's condition, and it's the worst that they feared. Zack Ryder has suffered a broken back. We replay the footage, and it's a very somber mood at the commentary table.

Backstage, we see Laurinaitis wearing something ridiculous, and Otunga gives him something that he says is extremely important. Laurinaitis looks mad as he was ready to go against Punk. We don't find out what the paper said before the break.

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