Shane Helms Talks WWE Departure, Final Talk With Benoit, His Accident & Much More

Shane Helms Talks WWE Departure, Final Talk With Benoit, His Accident & Much More
"Hurricane" Shane Helms recently spoke with Raj Giri of Part two of the interview is below, you can check about part one where he spoke about his time in the business, being there when WWE purchased WCW, his time with WWE, working with The Rock and Steve Austin and much more at this link.

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WrestlingINC: After your feud with The Rock you were packaged with Rosie, the superhero in training. Who's idea was that?

Helms: That was creative's idea. That all happened because of the Spike TV move, when TNN became Spike. Spike was going to be the network for men and it was going to be this risque network and they were going to push the envelope on everything. That whole thing was just so we could say sh-t on TV every week. Honestly, as stupid as that sounds. That's how the whole idea came out. We could say sh-t on TV every week and Spike was going to be cutting edge. As history showed us, Spike wasn't as cutting edge as they said they were going to be so we started to get some flak for saying sh-t. I don't know if we even said it too much; we may have said it once or twice.

That was creative's idea. We were going to be the show Lost - Hurley and Charlie. That was me and Rosie. It was going to be that I was going to have this guy stumbling around and somehow make a superhero out of him. It was cool. It was funny. I had a lot of fun. The hard part was sometimes they would forget that the guy's a 350 pound Samoan and creative would say, 'We'll beat him up [by the heels].' Dude, this guy will beat your ass if you're not careful. That was the only tough part, just having to remind creative sometimes. They wanted to do stuff, you know when you're over as a baby face they try to use you to get cheap heat for heels that can't get heat themselves. That has a plus and negative connotation to it.

It's one thing going out and beating up the Hurricane because I'm a little guy, well little by wrestling standards. This is a 350 pound Samoan. He could kill both these guys. You do know that right? That would look a little ridiculous. That was one of the few titles I won that I felt where we deserved it and we really won something when we became tag champions. We were the best team in that company, not that they had a massive interest in tag teams but we deserved it, we worked for it.

When we came to the curtain with those belts the whole locker room was there congratulating us. That never happens anymore; you never see that anymore. Titles have been so diminished in the last decade that it's just like, 'Yeah, whatever. Everybody's going to get a belt at some point.' We deserved it though. Like I said, when we came through the curtain literally the whole locker room was there congratulating us.

WrestlingINC: It was strange to me that they didn't more with the cruiserweight title. You look at MMA, you have a lot of huge stars that aren't heavyweights and light heavyweights.

Helms: That's just a throwback to the Muscle Mark days. There's still so many guys in control up there. Muscle Mark is just a name we gave them, they're just a mark for guys with muscles and sh-t like that. You're exactly right. Some of the biggest guys in boxing now, Mayweather, Pacquiao...

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