Shane Helms Talks WWE Departure, Final Talk With Benoit, His Accident & Much More

It wasn't one of those things where I was like, 'Please don't do it. I was like okay.' I'd been there for 10 years at that point. I need to do something else. I didn't want to quit wrestling. I didn't ever want to turn my back on wrestling. I wanted to wrestle; I just need to get away from that environment. I was really unhappy on the ECW show. It wasn't the Varsity team. I don't want to say I was being held back because I'm on TV and getting opportunities but at the same time I knew I could be doing more.

WrestlingINC: You said you wanted to go to Smackdown. Why is that?

Helms: The politics on RAW were a lot worse than on Smackdown. Smackdown's always been much better because of certain individuals.

WrestlingINC: Triple H is being put in position to take over the company. Do you think that will be a good or bad thing?

Helms: I think he's got a great mind for the business. I just don't think the business is as one dimensional as it used to be, where you can have that one person calling all the shots. You need to have a creative team and it has to be a team of great minds, not just one guy. You raise the bar, you raise the bar. You can't just lower it back to the standards of the '80s or whatever.

WrestlingINC: What are your thoughts on TNA?

Helms: I still like TNA. I still watch everything. Follow my Twitter - I talk about TNA when I watch it, WWE. I still like it. It's just like WWE. There's some sh-t I like, some sh-t I don't, some sh-t I don't understand and some sh-t I think is awesome. I like what they do with the girls. They give the girls a lot more attention than WWE does. At the same time their girls are a little more talented.

WrestlingINC: I know you're an MMA fan, what are your thoughts on the UFC? I think there's a lot of things the UFC is doing that wrestling could learn from.

Helms: What MMA is doing - they copied the whole marketing program. Their whole marketing program is modeled after WWE. Dana White and Vince's relationship is, I think, a lot closer than people realize. I totally agree with you. The titles should mean something way more. That's one thing I detest, how the titles have diminished. They're our Oscars, Emmys, Academy Awards. You should only get those if you're the best in the world.

It was fun being the European champion but I know they gave that belt just to help me get over. I could have gotten over without that. When I was the Cruiserweight champion I deserved that. I was the best cruiserweight in the world. When me and Rosie won those tag team titles, we deserved them at the time. There are just so many guys that get titles and they give them just to help that guy get over. I can see you doing that with the European title but not the world heavyweight title and stuff like that.

WrestlingINC: I remember them changing the world title like 5-6 times in a four month span.

Helms: Yeah the most valuable belt in the MMA right now is Anderson Silva's belt. That's the most sought after belt because he held it so long.

WrestlingINC: You got in that bad motorcycle accident last year with your girlfriend. How are you recovering?

Helms: I actually just had my last surgery this past Tuesday. I was back in the gym on Friday.

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