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I had an unexpected day off work and the Hulkster was on a daytime TV show, Loose Women, here in the UK (a version of "The View" in the US). Thought I would send a report as Hulk is usually good for a headline or two.
The hostesses were pretty basic with their questions but he came over as friendly and was on for the last 10 minutes of the show and was all about him and TNA.

It opened with clips from Bound For Glory vs. Sting - Hulk explained he was fighting one of his friends. He said that wrestling was more like theatre now and the people watching knew the outcome was pre-determined and there was some friendships amongst wrestlers.

Host asked about good vs. bad Hulk said that creative decides this and is part of the process and can be an extension of the wrestlers' personality.

Host asked what happens if a wrestler deviated from a finish Hulk said that in the old days the locker room would give them a hard time but these days they would just get fired.

Host asked about changes in the business in the last 30 years - Hulk said the pace was now was so quick. He said that when he fought Andre it was built up over 7 months where as nowadays you start at the top of the hour and need to fight by the end of the show!

Host asked about how much wrestling he does he said not much, he gets involved but not much wrestling (gave example of BFG match with Sting). He said that TNA is doing great and he was looking to help and it was a last minute thing to get involved in their tour.

Host stated that wrestling was huge in the US and they were trying to bring it to the UK (dumb question, UK is a big wrestling country) Hulk said that TNA was huge and is the highest rated wrestling show in the UK and they are looking to supplement it with the live experience and the fans were great. He said that it was a family show and invited the hostesses and one of their 10 year old kids to come along.

Hulk went into his various injuries (replacement hip, 8 back surgeries) over the years and how he had kept working against advice but this time he was kind of listening to his doctors.

Host asked how Hulk keeps managing to re-invent himself he said he was lucky and had managed to catch a lightning bolt with TNA and was riding it. He put over working with Dixie and TNA would get bigger and bigger. He put over the TNA dates in the UK and said he would not be wrestling but would get involved.

Also, here's Hulk Hogan on ITV's London Tonight, promoting the TNA UK tour:

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