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Impact opens with a nice video package highlighting the recent events with James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray.

We come to the show with Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray brawling backstage. Jeff has the upper-hand, slamming him into some tables, and throwing a lot of punches. Bully starts fighting back, but Jeff pokes him in the eye, then starts choking him with a broom. Hardy then breaks the broom across Bully's back. Bully then starts fighting back, but misses an elbow drop, and lands hard on the ground. Jeff slams him into a ladder and more equipment now, and they make their way into a different area, with Jeff staying in control. They're now in the parking lot, and Jeff is still in control. There's some barbed wired boards in the background. Bobby Roode is in a white Chevy in the parking lot, and he jumps out to take out Hardy. Roode and Ray then start beating on the Charismatic Enigma. Ray slams a big piece of wood on hardy. Roode tells him to open the bed of the truck, and they throw Hardy into the back. Bully shuts the bed, but James Storm comes out of nowhere, and takes out both guys. Ray looks like he's bleeding a little underneath his eye. Roode and Ray are able to double team Storm now, and they take control, but Sting then comes out with a baseball bat, and chases both men out of the parking lot after a couple of shots to the stomach. We now get the usual opening video for Impact. I don't usual pay attention to this, so I may be wrong, but it looks new.

We go to the arena, and Christy Hemme announces the first contest. It's a number one contender's match for the Knockouts Championship. Velvet Sky comes out first and Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. It's the first time Velvet has got to "let the pigeons loose" in a while. Tara is out next, riding her motorcycle. Mickie James is the final participant.

#1 Contender's Match for TNA Women's Knockout Championship: Velvet Sky vs Tara vs Mickie James

We start with the three of them not knowing who to strike first. They all three shake hands, but Tara takes a cheap shot on Velvet, then ducks a Clothesline from Mickie, allowing her to hit Velvet. Tara rolls up Mickie, but Velvet breaks it up. Sky throws James out of the ring, and goes to pin Tara, but Tara kicks out and then slams her into the corner. She hits some Shoulder Thrusts, then goes for the Widow's Peak, but James breaks it up, and she gets a two count off of a roll-up. James gets some kicks in the corner, but Tara breaks that up with a knee, and hits some strikes in the corner of her own. Tara slams Mickie down sloppily, and we go to commercial when Mickie starts fighting back.

Back from the break, Velvet hitting a Moneky Flip on Tara, then going for a Double Underhook Facebuster on her, but Mickie stops it and hits a Neckbreaker. Tara breaks up the pin attempt, and hits a Scoop Slam. Tara goes for a Standing Moonsault, but misses. Velvet then hits chops on both women, knocking Tara down, then hitting a Spinning Headscissors on Mickie. Velvet then gets caught by a Clothesline from Tara, then Mickie is able to hit a Flapjack on Tara, followed by a kip-up. Mickie then goes up top, and hits a Diving Lou Thesz Press over Tara, onto Velvet for a two count. Velvet gets thrown out of the ring and Mickie hits a Spinning Heel Kick on Tara, but Tara gets her foot on the rope to break up the pin. Mickie goes for the Mickie-DT, but Velvet breaks it up, only to get caught by Tara who hits the Spider's Web on Velvet, slamming her on Mickie for the win.

Winner: Tara

Tara celebrates after the match, hugging Earl Hebner. We replay that nice move the ended it a few times. Tara is now the number one contender for Gail Kim's title. Backstage we see Gail watching on a monitor, and she says she's looking forward to facing Tara at Against All Odds. She says she has a lot of history with Tara, and they know each other very well, and at Against All odds, we'll see who the best woman really is.

We see Sting backstage, and Tenay informs us that he has something to say, and we'll hear it after this commercial break.

We are back, and we replay some of the occurrences of the brawl that started off the show. We go back to the Impact Zone, and he comes out with Jeff Hardy and James Storm not far behind. Sting has no music backing him, but his signature baseball out is in his hand. He calls out Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. They come out through the crowd, and Bully throws a chair out the ring. Before they even get in the ring, a brawl starts. Sting tries his best to stop it, even holding Jeff Hardy back with his bat, but it's not working. Sting finally gets then backed up into four corners, and he then threatens Bully, who's face is bleeding with his bat. He makes Jeff let go of his chair, and instructs Roode to move by Bully, and Storm to go by Jeff. Another brawl almost breaks out. Oops, spoke too soon, they're at it again. The crowd chants to let them fight, and Sting attacks Bully and Roode with the bat to make then stop. We are once again backed up in four corners, funny, they're all in different corners. Sting says he will let them fight. Tonight it will be a tag match. Storm and Hardy against Ray and Roode. Storm gets the mic and Ray protests. Storm tells him to "shut up, fat boy." Another brawl breaks out, and Storm asks Sting if they can make it a tables match. Sting asks the crowd and they pop nicely. Sting says it will now be a tables match. Bully actually is cut kinda' bad on the side of his head, that happened back when he was in the parking lot.

Alex Shelley is backstage. He talks about getting back in the ring as he hasn't been in the ring for quite sometime. He is fighting Zema Ion tonight and he states Ion is not really a competitor. After that, he is hoping to fight Austin Aries. We go to commercial.

Back from the break, Eric Young is backstage, and he confuses a maintenance guy with someone else. Angelina Love and Winter then come in, and Love says instead of fighting, there's a lot of other things they could be doing. Winter is feeling all up on him, and she says they're quite easy. Angelina tries to take a cheap shot to the groin, but she hurts her knee. EY pulls out a cup from his shorts, and ODB comes in to get the two heels to turn back.

Zema Ion comes out to the ring for and X Division contest tonight. He has hairspray with him, and he's obviously been using quite a bit of it. Alex Shelly is out next, to a great ovation. I'm so glad he's back. This match may end up being pretty hard to write actually.

Zema Ion vs Alex Shelley

The crowd chants Shelley's name as we start off with a lock up between the two men. Ion pushes Shelley into the ropes, but doesn't break cleanly. Shelley is able to stay on top with a Side Headlock though, then reveresing an Arm Drag with one of his own, and one of the most unique pinfalls I've ever seen for a two count. Shelly with some hard chops, a Snapmare, then a stiff kick. Ion gets backed up in the corner, and he yells at the camera not to record this. Ion is able to hit a nice twisting crossbody for a two count, but Shelley catches his Spinning Headscissors, and slams him face first. Shelley then Clotheslines him out of the ring, but misses a Baseball Slide. Ion misses an elbow drop in the ring, trying to catch Shelley, but Shelly gets hit with a Hot Shot on the top rope for a two count. Shelly fights back with some strikes, but Ion hits him in the eye, then lands a Dropkick. Shelly quickly gets back up, hits a running knee, then an Enzugri. Shelley gets caught in the corner, but catches Ion running, and hits a Reverse STO onto the turnbuckle. Shelly misses a Diving Double Stomp, and Ion hits a nice Snap DDT. Ion goes up top, but misses his 450 Splash. Shelley then catches him and hits Sliced Bread #2 for the three count.

Winner: Alex Shelley

With this win, Shelley gets an X Division Championship match against Austin Aries at Against All Odds. The Direct Auto Insurance Impact of the Night is the Sliced Bread that finished this match.

Backstage, A.J. Styles talks about how much the business has changed Roode, Daniels, and now Kazarian. He says we're going to get down to the bottom of this tonight.

Tara is talking about her victory tonight, and talks about her match with Gail Kim for the championship at Against All Odds. She talks about her strategy, and says if Kim plays dirty, so will she.

Eric Bischoff is at his son's gym, and he finds Garrett in a ring. He asks where the trainer is, and it looks as though Garrett looks at someone off camera with a smile. It said "Next" throughout that short little segment, so I'm guessing we'll find out who the trainer is after this break.

Back from the break, we get a little promotional piece for TNA Lockdown, in April. Tenay and Taz go over the recent events between Garrett and Eric Bischoff. They put over the fact that no one knows who his trainer is. We go to some footage of Bischoff saying he's about to expose Garrett right now, and he walks into the gyms. It's the same clip we saw earlier, just extended, and it doesn't cut off when he asks where's the trainer. The camera zooms into Bischoff who has a surprised look on his face, and tells the camera to get the hell out of there right now before we find out who the trainer is.

Back to the Impact Wrestling Zone, Winter and Angelina Love come out for their tag team match. Eric Young and ODB come out next. We go to commercial with EY doing his usual prematch antics. We'll be back with the opening bell.

Intergender Tag Team Match: Angelina Love and Winter vs Eric Young and ODB

We come back with EY trying to lock up with Earl Hebner. He then makes Earl get out on the apron like he's the partner. When Earl gets back in, EY gets on the apron, as if Earl's his partner. EY locks up with Earl, and Earl reverses it in the corner, and gives a clean break. Young dances or something, meanwhile, Winter got the tag from Love. EY locks up with Earl again. He does some Santino-esque kung-fu moves, and flicks Winter on her thigh or something. He tries to lock up with Earl again, and the crowd chants his name. EY then does a cartwheel to some big cheers from the crowd, and he gets them all clapping. He locks up with Earl again, and this time Winter attacks him from behind. EY then takes his pants off, prompting EY to tag in Angelina to fight speedo-clad EY. Love keeps her distance, and ODB tags in. ODB hits the first move of the match with a Clothesline, then a Corner Splash followed by a half-botched Bronco Buster. EY gets in the corner and begs for one as Love and ODB duke it out. EY locks up with Earl again, allowing Winter to distract ODB, who Love throws down for a two count. Winter gets the tag, and she hits a corner splash. Winter then hits a Backbreaker for a two count. Winter slams ODB into the corner and ties her up in the Tree of Woe. ODB gets choked out by Winter, and Winter then distracts the ref so Angelina can attack her. Winter hits a kick to the groin area for a two count. ODB fights to her feet with some elbows, then a Jawbreaker. EY slides her the flask, and she takes a few swigs before giving it back. Love gets the tag, but ODB is now rejuvenated, and blocks all her attacks, before hitting a few Shoulder Blocks. ODB the hits a Fallaway Slam, then a kip-up. EY then gets in the ring, and picks up Winter, as ODB picks up Angelina, and they perform stereo airplane spins. EY and Winter end up outside the ring as ODB slams down Love from her Spin, and she gets the three count.

Winners: Eric Young and ODB

They celebrate with a kiss after the match, and we go backstage to Bully Ray and Roode talking backstage about their match tonight. Damn, Ray's head is split pretty badlly. I really want to know how that happened. They are definitely not on the same page, but they finally agree to take care of business, but don't trust each other enough to turn their back while leaving the room.

We come back with the same promo for Lockdown from earlier. Nice little promo, not up to WWE's quality at all. Joe and Crimson are outside talking about Joe and Magnus, who they'll fight at Against All Odds. We replay clips of the recent events between the four men, including Crimson's match against Magnus last week, and Joe coming out and them laying out both Morgan and Crimson. We go down to the ring, and Joe is out first for this match, accompanied by Magnus. Matt Morgan is out next, with his tag team partner, and winner of the 2011 Wrestling Observer Newsletter's "Most Overrated" award, Crimson.

Samoa Joe (with Magnus) vs Matt Morgan (with Crimson)

We start with Joe kicking at Morgan's legs, then hitting some jabs, backing Morgan up into the corner, where he hits some more brutal jabs. Morgan catches him by the throat, however, and he back shim up into the other corner, and hits some straight right hands, and a chop. Morgan then runs and hits Joe, who was draped over the top rope. On the apron, Morgan hits a Leg Drop on Joe, who's head was out on the apron. Joe takes control back with a Choke, but Morgan rams him into the corner, then hits some elbows that are obviously missing, not very good camera work. Morgan then hits a brutal clothesline for a two count, but gets caught in the corner with a big boot to the face. Joe jumps off the turnbuckle and hits a diving kick to Morgan, knocking him down. Joe then hits a running splash in the corner, followed by a back head kick for a two count. Joe spits at Crimson, but Morgan starts fighting back, and they start throwing hands. Joe takes control by sticking his thumb in Morgan's eye, but Morgan fights back with some Clotheslines, including two in the corner. Morgan hits a Sidewalk Slam for a two count. Morgan signals for the Hellevator, but Joe reverses with a reverse Atomic Drop, and hits a running Senton for a two count. Joe goes for the Figure Four, but Crimson pushes him out, and hits a Discus Punch to barely get the three count.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Magnus quickly attacks Crimson after the match, and he slams him into the steel steps. Magnus Guillotines Morgan over the top rope, and Joe takes him down so Magnus can hit a Diving Elbow Drop. Magnus and Joe celebrate at the top of the ramp as Joe and Magnus look on in pain.

Up next, A.J. Styles tries to unearth some answers from Kazarian.

We come back to James Storm talking about his match tonight, with Hardy standing beside him.

We go to the ring, and A.J. comes out, and gets a microphone once inside the ring. The crowd chants his name, probably because he was over 10 years ago, and should have never not been in the main event. He says last week Kazarian cost him his match, and he could care less about Kazarian, but going back and watching that match, he saw someone telling Kazarian what and when to do everything like a dog. He says his next question was why was Daniels controlling Kazarian, and why was Kazarian allowing it. Daniels and Kazarian then come out together. Daniels witha smile, Kazarian with a look of almost disappointment. Kazarian starts to talk, but Daniels snaps at him and tells him to give him the mic. Daniels says this is a familiar site, A.J. in the ring with a microphone complaining. It's the same song he's been singing for 10 years, every time A.J. faces adversity, he comes down to the ring to complain so management will listen to him. He says and if he doesn't get his way then, the "glory boy" throws a tantrum. Daniels says Kazarian doesn't owe A.J. a damn thing. A.J. says there's other ways of getting answers, and he starts to get out of the ring. Daniels stops him, and makes fun of A.J.'s country roots. A.J. says he has a better way, and says he's going to turn his back on Frankie, and allow him to take his head off. Kazarian starts walking away, but Daniels orders him to go in the ring and attack A.J. Kazarian starts to comply, but stops once he gets the the ring. Daniels says to move when Kazarian doesn't listen, and A.J. turns around and hits an Enzuguri to Daniels. A.J. says he doesn't care what's going on with Kaz and Daniels, but says that Kaz has to make a decision. Kazarian gets into the ring, and crowd counts down as he's getting in it. A.J. holds out his hand for Kazarian, but Daniels tells him to stop, and says Kaz knows exactly why he's not going to shake A.J.'s hand, and he tells Kaz to get out of the ring right now. Kaz complies, and Daniels says he's had it up to here with A.J.'s tantrums. He says he's going to go to Sting and propose a match for Against All Odds that will settle this once and for all. Daniels teases like he's going to say A.J. vs himself, but instead points to Kaz, and tells him to go to Sting's office and ask for the match. Daniels is the only one happy after this segment. Up next, the Tables match between Storm/Hardy and Ray/Roode.

We come back to Jeff Hardy's really boring entrance song, and he comes out holding his head, presumably because of the brawl at the start of the program. There are tables all around the ringside area. James Storm comes out next with his much better theme song. The only man that hasn't been World Champion in this match is Bully Ray, yet he's been in the business longer than everyone else. Interesting. Speaking of the Bully, he's out next, and man his head is cut. Ray picks up a table before Roode comes out and just holds it. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion is out next, and he's selling the brawl earlier pretty good too. I think the only one that didn't was Storm, and he really didn't get too banged up anyway, so pretty good acting here. We get formal ring introductions by Jeremy Borash before the match starts. Ray has a chair now.

Tag Team Tables Match: Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs Bully Ray and Bobby Roode

Referee Brian Hebner is already being threatened by the heels as he tries to get them into the ring. Storm and Hardy chase them outside and take control quickly. Storm slams Roode on a table on one side of the ring, and Bully gets slammed on a table on the other by Hardy, but he quickly turns the tables (ha it's punny) on Hardy, and hits some stiff punches. Roode takes control on Storm also. We have duel cameras set up now, doesn't make it any easier for me. Bully slams Hardy into the steel steps as Storm takes control on Roode again. Ray goes to Suplex Hardy through a table, but Hardy fights out of it, and Storm spits his beer in the face of Roode, and hits some open-handed slaps. Hardy hits a Double Axe Handle off the apron, and Roode tries to Suplex Storm on the ramp, which he eventually succeeds at. Hardy tries to Suplex Ray through a table, but Ray reverses it into a Scoop Slam on the floor. Ray then leaves Hardy, and starts whipping Storm with the steel chain, but he misses and Storm fights both me for a little while, until Hardy comes out of nowhere to take out Roode. We go to commercial as Storm hits Ray upside the head with a water bottle.

We come back with Bully slamming Hardy down on the ramp, and he then walks over to Starm and rakes his back, but Storm throws some beer in the face of Ray to take control. Ray gets slammed into the rail, and Hardy slingshots Roode into the ring post. Hardy then folds up a perfectly placed table outside the ring, and he rolls it in the ring. Storms rolls in Roode as Hardy sets up the table. It's placed in the middle of the ring, and Bully gets in the ring to save Roode just as Hardy and Storm hit a Double Suplex on him, but Bully moved the table. Bully takes them both out with Clothesline. It one of the more unique taunts, he spits in the air, and then catches it in his mouth before going to work on both men and setting the table back up. He tries to back Body Drop hardy onto the table, but Storm moves it, and Storm begins to work on Ray, throwing him out of the ring, and following him out, but Roode catches him, and takes him out too. Roode then focuses on Hardy inside the ring, and sets the table back again, this time in the corner. He tries to Irish Whip hardy into it, but Hardy put son the breaks, and Clotheslines Roode, but Hardy is met with a straight right hand from Bully. Bully tries to kick hardy into the table, but Ray's foot goes right through it after Hardy moves. Storm then hits a Double Knee Facebuster to take out Roode, but Storm gets caught with a Double R Spinebuster from Roode. Roode then goes outside the ring, and brings another table into play. Back in the ring, Bully is taking out Hardy as Roode is setting up the table. Bully is just pulling Hardy's hair. This man can brawl. Roode slams Storm into the steel steps outside the ring as Roode works over Hardy's leg. Roode tells Bully to get in the ring, and Roode lays Hardy out on the table as Ray is on the middle rope. Storm kicks Ray off the turnbuckle, but then Roode catches him with some punches, and they both go up top in a Superplex position. Hardy rolls off the table as Roode goes for Superplex, but Storm fights out of it, and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Roode, then lays him on the table. Storm jumps off and hits an Elbow Drop on Roode through the table to end this match.

Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy

Bully then comes in and just hits Hardy and Storm repeatedly with a steel chair. Roode continues the attack on both men and gets another table from underneath the ring. Roode is finally starting to stir now as Ray sets the table up. Ray picks up Hardy and tells Roode to get up. Roode takes out Storm, and Bully gets on the top Rope. Hardy tries to fight back, but Roode is able to lift Hardy up onto Ray's shoulders, and Ray hits a jumping Powerbomb through the table, it's not the sit-out one like he used to do though. Ray's music plays as he stands talk in the middle of the ring. Roode rolls out of the ring with his belt, and a bunch of doctors are checking on Hardy. We go off air with Roode holding his title high on the ramp.

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