Impact Wrestling Results: Tag Team Table Action - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Impact Wrestling Results: Tag Team Table Action - Sound Off With Your Thoughts
Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's Impact, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

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Impact opens with a nice video package highlighting the recent events with James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray.

We come to the show with Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray brawling backstage. Jeff has the upper-hand, slamming him into some tables, and throwing a lot of punches. Bully starts fighting back, but Jeff pokes him in the eye, then starts choking him with a broom. Hardy then breaks the broom across Bully's back. Bully then starts fighting back, but misses an elbow drop, and lands hard on the ground. Jeff slams him into a ladder and more equipment now, and they make their way into a different area, with Jeff staying in control. They're now in the parking lot, and Jeff is still in control. There's some barbed wired boards in the background. Bobby Roode is in a white Chevy in the parking lot, and he jumps out to take out Hardy. Roode and Ray then start beating on the Charismatic Enigma. Ray slams a big piece of wood on hardy. Roode tells him to open the bed of the truck, and they throw Hardy into the back. Bully shuts the bed, but James Storm comes out of nowhere, and takes out both guys. Ray looks like he's bleeding a little underneath his eye. Roode and Ray are able to double team Storm now, and they take control, but Sting then comes out with a baseball bat, and chases both men out of the parking lot after a couple of shots to the stomach. We now get the usual opening video for Impact. I don't usual pay attention to this, so I may be wrong, but it looks new.

We go to the arena, and Christy Hemme announces the first contest. It's a number one contender's match for the Knockouts Championship. Velvet Sky comes out first and Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. It's the first time Velvet has got to "let the pigeons loose" in a while. Tara is out next, riding her motorcycle. Mickie James is the final participant.

#1 Contender's Match for TNA Women's Knockout Championship: Velvet Sky vs Tara vs Mickie James

We start with the three of them not knowing who to strike first. They all three shake hands, but Tara takes a cheap shot on Velvet, then ducks a Clothesline from Mickie, allowing her to hit Velvet. Tara rolls up Mickie, but Velvet breaks it up. Sky throws James out of the ring, and goes to pin Tara, but Tara kicks out and then slams her into the corner. She hits some Shoulder Thrusts, then goes for the Widow's Peak, but James breaks it up, and she gets a two count off of a roll-up. James gets some kicks in the corner, but Tara breaks that up with a knee, and hits some strikes in the corner of her own. Tara slams Mickie down sloppily, and we go to commercial when Mickie starts fighting back.

Back from the break, Velvet hitting a Moneky Flip on Tara, then going for a Double Underhook Facebuster on her, but Mickie stops it and hits a Neckbreaker. Tara breaks up the pin attempt, and hits a Scoop Slam. Tara goes for a Standing Moonsault, but misses. Velvet then hits chops on both women, knocking Tara down, then hitting a Spinning Headscissors on Mickie. Velvet then gets caught by a Clothesline from Tara, then Mickie is able to hit a Flapjack on Tara, followed by a kip-up. Mickie then goes up top, and hits a Diving Lou Thesz Press over Tara, onto Velvet for a two count. Velvet gets thrown out of the ring and Mickie hits a Spinning Heel Kick on Tara, but Tara gets her foot on the rope to break up the pin. Mickie goes for the Mickie-DT, but Velvet breaks it up, only to get caught by Tara who hits the Spider's Web on Velvet, slamming her on Mickie for the win.

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