Jim Ross posted his latest blog. Check out the highlights:

On the Royal Rumble winner: "Come on folks, if I really thought that I knew would I spoil it for others? Hardest PPV bout of the year to predict a winner and to commentate. The story changes approximately every 60 seconds until it's nut cutting time to decide the winner. I do expect some interesting swerves and curves during the match and am looking forward to watching it on PPV."

On Punk vs. Ziggler: "Has the chance to really be special. Would love to see 30 minutes plus between these two. Raw GM 'referee' stip is intriguing as well. I'm not generally a fan of 'special referees' but Funkhauser has my interest."

On a idea he pitched that never made it: "Years ago, I threw an idea on the table to have an Undertaker vs. Mankind PPV bout, prior to the Boiler Room Brawl or what ever it was called, on Alcatraz Island. We couldn't get it cleared legally at that time to do it. It was a rough idea with no final, final details and in hindsight might not have been one of my better suggestions. However, it did sound good at the time and packed plenty of 'sizzle.'"

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