In an interview with Sports Vibe, Hulk Hogan said the Ultimate Warrior is an "idiot" and said he never sees them doing business together again. Hogan added that Warrior is "not one of the boys" and was only in wrestling for the money.

"He's really not what we would call one of the boys," said Hogan. "The last time I saw the Ultimate Warrior, he was at my house spending time with my family, having a great time. Then all of a sudden I haven't seen him for 10-years and I see all this crazy stuff he was putting on Twitter. Someone must of hit him in the head with a brick or something.

"You just have to ignore him because he's an idiot and you can't do business with him. I can just pray for him and feel sorry for him, the guy is messed up, so there isn't going to be a Twitter wrestling match between me and him because he might not show up or he might do something crazy. I'm into doing positive good things, I don't need that crap."

You can check out the full interview at this link.

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