Paul Roma spoke with World Wrestling Insanity about his time as one of the Four Horsemen, his thoughts about not being included in the Horsemen's induction into the Hall of Fame and his feelings about Drew Carey being in the Hall of Fame and not Randy Savage.

"First I want to thank everybody for not forgetting and remembering that - A, I was a Horsemen. And B, why they chose me. At the end of the day, it gets down to the fact that the Horsemen were considered the elite, the best of the best and all that. When you pick just a chosen few, you're leaving out everybody else. So what are you saying about that? They weren't recognized? They weren't Horsemen? Or is this Vince just being Vince and saying, 'Oh. I get to pick and choose who I want because the Hall of Fame is Horsesh*t,' for lack of a better term anyway. When you put Drew Carey in the wrestling hall of fame, what's his claim to fame? Did he grease Vince's backend or what?"

"How can you take it serious? They threw him in. He's an actor. He beat nobody. Everybody that you put into WrestleMania, why don't you put them in the Hall of Fame? Or anybody you throw in the ring, throw them in the Hall of Fame because they were on TV once. "

"Why isn't Savage in there? He was an icon, wasn't he? Why not put him in or some of the other guys? I don't get it. Listen, if you run it like the baseball Hall of Fame and you have people nominated, you vote, and you can show all that - where the voting went - it might make a little more sense. But how do you keep guys out who made you so much money and made the business what it was back in the day, like Savage?"

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