Thanks to readers Big and Randy Cook for sending in these results from last night's WWE house show in Evansville, Indiana:

The night started with everyone rising and they played the National Anthem. Guest ring announcers for the night were the Bella Twins.

Jindar Mahal vs. Sheamus. Jinder got a lot of heat when he came out, Sheamus got a big pop when his music hit. Sheamus pinned Mahal after hitting the Brogue kick.

Jack Swagger came out to issue a challenge. R-Truth came out to accept.

R-Truth defeated Swagger after hitting his finisher, seemingly winning the U.S. title. David Otunga came out and informed Truth that the match wasn't for the title and forced him to get the belt back to Swagger.

WWE Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix defeated Eve to retain her title.

Santino Marella's music hits and he gets a big pop from the crowd. Otunga comes out and says that he's in charge tonight and Marella will face Ryback. Ryback proceeded to pin Marella.

One of the Bella Twins gets in the ring and is about to say something when the lights go out. Chris Jericho comes out and panders to the crowd without talking. Otunga comes out and tells Jericho that he needs to take his jacket off because it can cause people who are epileptic to have seizures. Jericho finally takes his jacket off and puts Otunga in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho then grabs the Mic and says, "tomorrow Night at the Rumble it will be the end of the world as you know it" and then walks off.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett with the RKO.

Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel with Cross Rhodes.

World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Big Show. Bryan ran out of the ring a couple times when Big Show tried to attack him. Bryan finally decided to start the match and Show took control. Bryan started working on Show's knee. Show was about to win the match when Wade Barrett and Jindar Mihal came out and interfered and attacked Show. Show hits both of them with chokeslams Both and leaves the arena. Show wins the match by DQ.

Main Event: Kane vs. John Cena. Cena gets a big pop. Match ends with Kane hitting Cena with a chair. Kane then chokeslammed Cena and walked off. After Cena is announced the winner, Kane came back but Cena retaliated and hit Kane with the AA. Cena then grabbed the mic and invited the Bellas back into the ring and has them dance. Cena then thanked everyone for coming out, and next time they will be bringing the cameras for a RAW taping.

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