WWE Royal Rumble: 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

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Primo has been eliminated

Rhodes attacks Foley from behind, but Foley turns it around and hits him with right after right in the corner before hitting him with a running knee. Foley connects with the double arm DDT to lay Rhodes out. He and Gabriel pick Rhodes up and try to get him out.

Entrant number eight is Ricardo Rodreiguez.

Ricardo makes his way out in a pretty beat up old car. He slowly makes his way down to the ring and beats on Rhodes before avoiding confronting Foley and getting dropkicked by Gabriel. Foley and Ricardo end up teaming up to throw Gabriel out and Ricardo can't believe it, running around the ring and celebrating.

Justin Gabriel has been eliminated

Entrant number nine is Santino Marella.

Santino makes his way down to the ring and takes Ricardo out with a right hand and a back body drop, then atomic drop, and a reverse atomic drop. Santino rolls Ricardo around, sending him into the corner turnbuckle before giving him a wedgie and sending him over the top.

Ricardo has been eliminated

Foley goes for Socko and Santino grabs the Cobra. The clock begins to count down again, and out next is Epico at number ten.

Epico gets his with the cobra and eats socko before being thrown to the outside.

Epico has been eliminated

Socko and the cobra lock up, but it's broken up by Miz and Rhodes who attack from behind. Rhodes tosses Santino over the top.

Santino has been eliminated

Foley catches Miz with the mandible claw, but he's tossed over the top by Rhodes.

Mick Foley has been eliminated

Entrant number eleven is Kofi Kingston.

Kingston makes his way down to the ring and takes it to both Miz and Rhodes, hitting both men with a springboard chop to the head, then a double boom drop. Kofi tosses Miz over the top, but Miz hangs on and rolls back into the ring. Rhodes attacks Kofi and takes him to the mat before trying to send him over the top. Miz joins in, and the clock counts down.

Entrant number twelve is Jerry the King Lawler.

Lawler gets up from commentary and takes it to both Miz and Rhodes, hitting both with dropkicks and slamming Miz to the mat. Lawler heads up to the middle rope and drops the strap before coming down on Miz with a big fist drop. Rhodes drops King over the top to the outside.

Jerry Lawler has been eliminated

Entrant number 13 is Ezekiel Jackson.

Jackson comes in and takes out Rhodes and Miz with shoulder blocks before hitting Kofi and Miz with big clotheslines and Rhodes with a huge slam. Jackson hits Kofi with a big clubbing blow across the back before sending him across the ring and hitting a big spinning side slam. Jackson beats on Rhodes in the corner and the clock counts down again.

Entrant number fourteen is Jinder Mahal.

Mahal makes his way out to almost no reaction at all. Jackson can't wait for Mahal to get into the ring, but Mahal is taking his time. Jinder hits Kofi with a big running knee, then takes out Jackson before stomping away at Kofi.

Entrant number fifteen is the Great Khali.

Khali makes his way out to the ring quickly, heading right into the fray, and taking everyone out with a head chop. Khali turns to Mahal and tosses him over the top.

Jinder Mahal has been eliminated

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