WWE Royal Rumble: 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

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Jackson attacks Khali, but he's quickly clotheslined over the top.

Ezekiel Jackson has been eliminated

Khali turns his attention to Miz while Kofi concentrates on Rhodes.

Entrant number sixteen is Hunico.

Camacho brings Hunico out to the ring on a lowrider bike. Hunico attacks Kingston with a big kick, the Miz, before hitting Rhodes with an Olympic slam. Khali stops Hunico cols though, taking him down to the mat, before he turns to Kingston, then the Miz. Miz is able to take Khali off his feet.

Entrant number seventeen is Booker T.

Booker heads right into the ring and goes right after Rhodes, but he turns around right into the Great Khali. Khali lays Booker out with a big head butt before bringing him into the corner. Khali ignores Booker and turns to Rhodes, hitting him with a big chop to the chest. Khali holds Rhodes up and lets Booker chop him. Miz almost knocks Kofi from the ring, but Kofi hand stands, then walks on his hands to the ring steps to avoid touching the floor.

Entrant number eighteen is Dolph Ziggler.

Duggan makes his way out to a big pop, and he goes right to work on Cody, Miz and Hunico. Hacksaw smashes Cody and Miz's heads together, getting a huge USA pop. Hacksaw charges Rhodes in the corner, but he misses, and he's clotheslined over the top.

Jim Duggan has been eliminated

Khali and Booker are fighting, and they're both eliminated by Ziggler and Rhodes.

The Great Khali and Booker T are eliminated

Entrant number twenty is Michael Cole.

Cole is in his wrestling gear and he makes his way into the match, taunting the crowd. Cole is avoiding getting directly involved with anyone.

Entrant number twenty one is Kharma.

Kharma heads into the ring and takes Cole out right away with a huge clothesline. Cole climbs over the top rope, and he's pulled off the apron by Lawler and Booker. Ziggler turns Kharma around and tells her to get out, but he's laid out with an implant buster. Kharma scares off Vickie Guerrero before tossing Hunico over the top rope.

Hunico is eliminated

Kharma is tossed over the top by Ziggler

Kharma has been eliminated

Entrant number twenty two is Sheamus.

Sheamus takes everyone out with clotheslines before back dropping Rhodes, and hitting Kofi with big clubbing blows. Sheamus catches Kingston and tosses him over the top to the floor.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated

Sheamus ties Rhodes up in the ropes and hits him with repeated clubbing blows across the chest before doing the same to the Miz. Dolph tries to catch Sheamus with the Zig Zag, but Sheamus avoids it.

Entrant number twenty three is the Road Dogg.

Uso takes out Miz and Road Dogg, laying them out in the corner. Sheamus tries to eliminate Dolph, but it's broken up by Rhodes. Everyone's pairing off as the clock counts down again.

Entrant number twenty five is Jack Swagger.

Swagger comes in and turns right to Sheamus, taking him out with a belly to belly suplex and big blows to the back of the head. Swagger beats on Uso in the corner. Miz stomps away at Road Dogg. Rhodes hits Ziggler with a big front suplex.

The next man out is Road Dogg BG James. He comes in with right hands for everyone and hits a big pumphandle slam on Miz. James gets a "you still got it" chant from the crowd. The next man out is Jey Uso. Jimmy is with him but not dressed to wrestle. Uso drops James and hits the splash in the corner on him. The next man out is Wade Barrett. Jack Swagger is also out. #27 comes out and it's David Otunga.

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