WWE Royal Rumble: 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

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Barrett goes at it with Otunga while Ziggler takes Sheamus in the corner. #28 is Randy Orton and he comes out to a huge pop from the hometown crowd. Orton rns to the rung and runs over a few people with clotheslines before hitting Barrett with right hands. Orton continues the offense and slams Barrett. Orton hits the mat and waits for the RKO but Cody hits him from behind. Orton tosses Cody to the apron and grabs Ziggler. He hits the draping DDT from the second rope on Cody and Ziggler at the same time. Uso grabs Orton but gets tossed for his troubles. Uso is eliminated. Orton hits the RKO on Barrett and tosses him. Wade Barrett is eliminated. #29 comes out and it's Chris Jericho.

Jericho comes in and hits Cody, Otunga and Miz. Jericho goes on and eliminates David Otunga. Jericho goes at it with Ziggler now. Sheamus tries to eliminate Swagger. The #30 man out is Big Show.

Show runs to the ring and Jack Swagger is eliminated. Swagger gets mad and Show knocks him out with a WMD on the floor. Show comes in with chops and headbutts for everyone. He grabs Miz and Cody, eliminating them at the same time. Show eliminates Ziggler next. It's down to Sheamus, Orton, Jericho and Show. They all attack Big Show but he fights them off. Show splashes Jericho and chokeslams him. Orton comes and takes Show down with a big RKO. Show fights Sheamus off but Orton eliminates Big Show. Jericho comes from behind and dumps Orton. Randy Orton is eliminated. It's down to Jericho and Sheamus.

Jericho and Sheamus face off. Jericho points up at the WrestleMania 28 sign. They lock up and go at it. Sheamus runs over Jericho. Jericho goes for a bulldog but Sheamus pushes him off. Jericho hangs on as Sheamus tries to eliminate him. Jericho comes back in with a missile dropkick. Jericho with kicks now. Sheamus catches him with the Irish Curse backbreaker and calls for the Celtic Cross. Sheamus goes for it but Jericho slides out. Jericho clotheslines Sheamus over the rope but he hangs on and comes back to the apron. Jericho with a dropkick from the second rope but Sheamus still hangs on. Jericho tries to kick Sheamus out of the ring but he still hangs on. Sheamus makes his way back in and kicks Jericho in the face. Sheamus scoops Jericho over the rope but he hangs on. Jericho fights back in but runs into a back elbow. Jericho ducks the Brogue Kick and applies the Walls of Jericho.

Sheamus gets to the ropes but Jericho doesn't have to break the hold in the Rumble. He finally breaks it. Jericho charges but Sheamus backdrops him. Jericho hangs on and his feet don't touch the floor. Jericho fights fro the apron and goes to the top rope with Sheamus in hand. Sheamus climbs up and has Jericho positioned for a superplex. They trade shots on the top and both fall down to the apron. They both come back in the ring and Jericho connects with a Codebreaker. Jericho looks as if he's trying to pin Sheamus but realizes there's on pinfall. Sheamus fights back but Jericho kicks him in the gut. Jericho with forearms to the chest now. He tries to dump Sheamus again but he hangs on and comes back in. Jericho slaps Sheamus repeatedly and this angers him. Sheamus shoves Jericho off but misses another Brogue Kick. Sheamus counters the Codebreaker and tosses Jericho but again, his feet don't touch the floor. Sheamus comes back with a Brogue Kick and knocks Jericho to the floor for the win.

2012 WWE Royal Rumble Winner: Sheamus

After the match, we go to replays and come back to Sheamus pointing at the WrestleMania 28 sign as the pyro goes off. The 2012 Royal Rumble goes off the air with Sheamus posing for the fans.

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