Live News & Notes From The WWE Royal Rumble

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Source: T-Man Boler and Pwinsider

Dark Match:
Heath Slater vs. Yoshi Tatsu. Tastu wins with a top rope spinning heel kick.

In Show Notes:
I am not sure if you could hear the Daniel Bryan chants, but there were more for him than Big Show or Mark Henry before, during, and after the match. This could be partly due to his ROH days that was pretty prominent in St. Louis back then.

John Cena boos were constant throughout the night. They showed the very touching video package with Cena fans explaining why they cheer him, but immediately after the package ended the chorus of boos resumed again.

The Divas match naturally did not get any favorable or unfavorable responses, just crickets it was so quiet. So typical, of course.

Personally, I marked out that we here in St. Louis would be treated a Raw Taping on July 23rd, but the 1000th edition episode? I must say that St. Louis has finally been shown some love not once but twice in 2012 by Titan Towers.

The fans really showed their approval for the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay as he made quick work of Drew McIntyre.

There was major excitement for both Kane vs. Cena and Punk vs. Ziggler, mostly due to all the false finishes and each superstar hitting their respective finishers.

All those damn crickets returned for the Zach Ryder/ Eve/ paramedics scene.

Booker T, Hacksaw Duggan, Mick Foley, Kharma, Road Dogg got major pops for being surprise entrants in The Rumble. Mick Foley and Santino's dueling socks moment got some laughs, too.

Overall still worth the price of admission and can't wait to see how it's captured on DVD next month. is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Follow us on Twitter by clicking the "Follow" button below:

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