Source: Sports Vibe

Shawn Daivari recently spoke ti Sports Vibe about Ring ka King, TNA and more. Here are the highlights…

On His TNA Release: I signed a contract under the impression that Jeff Jarrett was my boss. However six months later he wasn't and I wasn't okay with that.

On Wrestlers That Inspired Him: Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels are always the two guys I reference for getting me into wrestling because they had everyone's best match. Everyone's best match was with either Shawn or Mick. And I noticed that. I noticed blah blah blah had decent matches. But blah blah blah vs Mick Foley was great, or blah blah blah vs Shawn Michaels was awesome.

On Ring ka King: It's cool. Another crew of first class talents and first class production. It's Jeff Jarrett's show. It's probably what TNA would be today if Jeff never got replaced by (Vince) Russo. It's gonna be really bad for everyone at TNA I'm afraid when the end product comes out. They will see how great it is and what amazing numbers it draws.

On His Goals For 2012: My aim for this year is to just keep doing what I do. I'm a wrestler. A promoter tells me when and where, and go there and I do it. I'm not qualified for much else and this is what I'm best at. This is what I'm better then most at. As long as fans want to see me, and promoters keep calling me I'll keep doing this. I guess when my phone stops ringing I'll go work in a deli with Randy the Ram.

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