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We start the show with Mike Tenay welcoming us to the very first Impact outside the US. We are in London tonight, and we get a video package highlighting how Impact took over Wembley for this show. Nice, I like it. This is such a hot crowd. Bobby Roode and Bully Ray come out to start the show, and this crowd is all over them with heat. The crowd greets them with some thunderous "You suck" chants once the music stops playing. Ray asks how many of these people came to see Jeff Hardy, and a lot of them cheer, but Bully says they aren't going to see Hardy tonight. He says it's because him and Roode made sure of it, so they must be his suppliers. Oh, they're referring to how they put him through a table on the last Impact, not...well never mind. Roode says it feels so good to be back in Ireland, this gets some massive heat. Bully whispers in his ear, and Roode asks what's the difference between Ireland and England. He says they don't suck, and the crowd has a different opinion. Roode says Ray is big, bad, and tough, and he is the "it" factor, and the leader of the selfish generation. Not to mention the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I swear I just saw a guy in the crowd wearing a Sultan mask. Roode says they didn't finish the job last week, so James Storm get out here. The crowd is chanting that they want someone really loud, but I can't tell who.

James Storm gets a huge pop when he comes out. This show could be the worst one of the year, but I still think it'll be the best crowd. Storm gets in the ring, and Roode hides behind the Bully. Ray says to not even think of coming close to Roode. He's interrupted by the Stinger's music, and outcomes the General Menace to another huge pop. There's lots of fans with Sting's face paint on. Sting says it's showtime, and this is the perfect opportunity for an update on Jeff Hardy. He tells Bully to shut up, and then says that Jeff Hardy is doing really good, and that he'll be ready by Against All Odds, which is perfect, so he's made a four way for the World Title between Roode, Ray, Storm, and JEff Hardy at the PPV. He says as far as tonight goes, no handicap matches, but Storm interrupts him and say she wants Roode and Ray. Sting says he'll get both of them in that case, starting with Ray, and ending with Roode. So I'm guessing two matches, though he doesn't specify. Sting says ta ta and his music plays.

Mike Tenay says that tonight, Hulk Hogan returns to Impact Wrestling, and he confirms that it will be two separate matches, James Storm vs Bully Ray, and James Storm vs Bobby Roode. We go to commercial.

Back from the break, we get Garrett Bischoff walking backstage on the phone with someone, who he tells to give him a call when he arrives. I'm guessing that it's his trainer.

We go down to the ring, and Samoe Joe and Magnus come out to a good pop. I thought it would actually be bigger since Magnus is English. Crimson and Matt Morgan are out next. This is a non-title Buckingham Brawl. Interesting rules here. Samoe Joe and Magnus get the advantage.

Buckingham Brawl: Magnus and Samoa Joe vs Crimson and Matt Morgan

Joe and Magnus are both allowed to be in the ring, while Morgan and Crimson have to tag in and out. Joe and Magnus take out Morgan on the apron, but Crimson cathes them both for just a few moments before they take him down and Joe hits a Senton for a two count. They both work over Crimson in the corner with some chops, but Crimson fights out, only to be knocked back down. Crimson again fights both of them, but once again gets knocked down, this time with a Clothesline from Crimson. Joe hits some jabs to Crimson, and Magnus runs his face along the ring ropes. Morgan gets in the ring now, but the referee makes him leave. Crimson moves out of the way of Joe in the corner, and then catches Magnus with an Exploder Suplex. Morgan gets in and throughout a chorus of boos takes out both men, then hits a Fallaway Slam on Magnus. Joe gets sent out of the ring, and Magnus gets hit with a Sideslam for a two count. The crowd boos everything the tag champs do. Joe gets caught witha spear by Crimson, and they start brawling on the arena floor, and Magnus gets caught with a Clotheslien from Magnus. Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint, and Joe comes in, and they hit they're regular Snapmare into an Elbow Drop double team move for the win.

Winner: Magnus and Samoe Joe

This crowd goes nuts as the two men celebrate in the ring. We replay some of the highlights. I can't get over how great this crowd is, and to think I thought Raw's crowd Monday was great.

We see Eric Bischoff arriving backstage, and the announcers put over the possibility of finding out who Garrett Bischoff's trainer is tonight. But first, we go to our second commercial break.

We come back to Eric Bischoff's music. Saw a sign in the crowd that says "TV-PG Sucks." Bischoff gets some heat as he's on his way to the ring, but a lot of fans are bowing to him haha. Oh wow, some little kid is flipping him off in the crowd. Bischoff acts like he's going to flip the kid off, but thinks better of it. Bischoff gets some cheap heat, calling them uncivilized, then recaps the recent story between him and his son, Garrett. He says he's going to burst his son's bubble tonight with a burst of reality. He asks him to come to the ring, and Garrett complies. Eric tells him to enjoy this moment because it's likely to be his last. He says Garrett's goals became fantasy, and for him to think for a second that he's going to bring a trainer in like "him" then it's just a waste of time because "he's" a coward, and won't do anything for Garrett. He says it was a bad choice.

Garrett says he's so sorry that Eric is so upset about his trainer, but if he has such a problem with it, why doesn't he take it up with "him." Eric says he's delusional because everyone here knows he's not coming here tonight. Garrett gets a phone call in the middle of Eric's tirade. Garrett has a disappointed look on his face, and Eric starts to smile. Garrett hangs up and Eric gloats. Garrett says when Eric is right he's right, but when he's wrong, he's so wrong because his trainer is in the building and he'll see Eric later tonight. Garrett leaves the ring, and Eric has a worried look on his face. Up next, Mark Haskins faces X Division Champion, Austin Aries. They also plug Hulk Hogan returning, which leads me to believe he's not Garrett's trainer after all. We go to commercial.

We come back with a video package about Mark Haskins. Most of these clips are from house shows since he's only had like 3 TV matches, and one PPV match. Haskins is out first for his match against Aries. Aries gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Mark Haskins vs Austin Aries

Some good chain wrestling to start things off, with Aries having the obvious control. Aries cockily lays along the ring ropes before Haskins gets up. Haskins looks pretty nervous actually as there's some Austin Aries chants that break out. Aries and Haskins get in a shoving match, and Aries sneds Haskins out of the ring, but he skins the cat into a Headscissors, followed by a one-legged Dropkick. Now it's Aries's turn to skin the cat, but he's met with a Dropkick, sending him out of the ring. Haskins goes for a Springboard, but Aries pushes him, causing him to land awkwardly on the ropes. Aries goes up top and hits a Double Axe Handle onto Haskins outside the ring. Aries now hits a Springboard Somersault, followed by an elbow for a two count. Aries sets up Haskins for a Superplex, but Haskins pushes him off. As Haskins clibs up, Aries trips him. Haskins is able to take control again after a missed Dropkick and he Monkey Flips Aries. He goes for a second, but Aries reverses. Haskins is able to hit a double springboard crossbody for a two count. Haskins with an impressive Cutter for another two count. The crowd again chants for Aries as Haskins goes for a Shooting Star Press. Reminiscient of Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX, he botches it, though not that bad. Aries hits a Brainbuster, then locks on the Horns of Aries for the submission victory.

Winner: Austin Aries

Don't expect to see much of Haskins after his own hometown crowd got behind the heel, plus the botched Shooting Star Press didn't help either. We replay some of the highlights, and Haskins is still down in the middle of the ring. Still to come, Tara faces Gail Kim, but up next, former partners collide as James Storm takes on Bobby Roode. We go to break.

We come back with a video package of Brroke Tessmacher in a bikini telling fans to vote for her in her Hooter's contest thingy.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking on the phone trying to get a cab. Sting walks in and tells them to cancel the cab, and forces Eric back into the arena.

James Storm's music hits and he's out for his first of two matches tonight. His opponent, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode is out next.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode

They locks up violently, and Roode takes control, but Storm switches it up, more chain wrestling, and Roode takes him down with a Shoulder Block, only to be caught with a Hip Toss, followed by a Scoop Slam, a Knee Drop and a Leg Drop, which gets a two count. Storm goes for the Last Call as Roode comes out of the corner, and Roode rolls out of the ring to dodge it. We go to commercial as Roode starts to get back in the ring.

We come back with Storm working over Roode in the corner with some Chops. Storm with a knee to the face, but he gets caught with a knee to the gut from Roode. Roode hits some Shoulder Thrusts in the corner, then some chops of his own. Roode hits a Front Suplex for a two count, then rakes the back of Storm. Roode tants to the crowd, and it costs him as Storm starts to fight back with some right hands, but he's caught with a Fireman's Carry Flapjack for a two count. Roode stomps the midsection of Storm, which he has been working on all match. Storm fights to his feet, but gets hit with an elbow. Storm hits an elbow of his own, and then rolls up Roode for a two count. They trade "boo" "yay" punches with each other, and Roode perches himself on the top turnbuckle, but gets caught with an uppercut. Storm goes up top and hits a Super Hurricanrana from the top rope. We get a replay of that one. Storm hits a couple of Clotheslines, then a Forearm, but Roode dodges a Scoopslam, only to be caught with a Backstabber. Storm goes up top with Roode flat on his back, and hits a Diving Elbow Drop for a two count.

Roode gets up to his feet, but Storm goes for a Russian Leg Sweep, Roode, however, is able to twist out of it and lock on a Crossface in the middle of the ring. Storm is able to roll over and get to the ropes to break up the hold. Roode continues working over the midsection. He goes for a Fisherman Buster, but Storm reverses and signals for the Eye of the Storm. After a few spins, Roode fights out and hits the Fisherman Buster with a beautiful bridge that barely doesn't get the two count. Roode pushes referee Brian Hebner, but Hebner pushes back. Roode rolls out of the ring takes his belt into the ring. He pushes Hebner to the side and goes to hit Storm, but Storm hits a Codebreaker. Storm signals for the Last Call, but Bully Ray comes out of nowhere and distracts him just long enough for Roode to hit a Spear, which Storm sold like a boss for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Ray hits a Side Slam on the championship belt to Storm. Sting comes out but the damage has already been done. James Storm still has to face Bully Ray tonight. We go to commercial.

Tara comes out for her match against Gail Kim, and we replay the Knockout's Triple Threat match last week, which she won. Gail Kim is out next, with Madison Rayne closely behind her. I don't understand why we have a non-title match now when they fight for the championship in 10 days.

Tara vs Gail Kim (with Madison Rayne)

They lock up and Tara slams Kim down, but Kim quickly pushes her into the corner, only to be caught with a couple of Arm Drags, and then a Scoop Slam. Tara takes off her t-shirt, then hits a Standing Moonsault. Rayne distracts Tara long enough for Kim to take control and use the ropes to choke Tara. Kim goes for a Sunset Flip, but Tara blocks it. Kim stays in control, with a knee to the back for a two count. Kim now locks on a Leg Lock, focusing on the knee. Tara fights out, but gets caught with a Clothesline from Kim. Gail taunts to the crowd for just a bit, then slaps Tara. Tara tries fighting back, but gets caught with a swift kick to the gut. Gail locks on a Dragon Sleeper, but Tara quickly turns it around into an ugly roll up for a two count. Gail then hits a Straight Jacket Slam before going up top. Gail misses a Missile Dropkick, and both women are down. Tara takes control with strikes, then hits a Snap Suplex. Tara is able to hit a Back Body Drop on Gail,then catches Gail running with a Powerslam. Madison gets on the apron, and Tara hits her. Madison then tries to hit Tara in the ring, but Tara mvoes and Madison hits Gail by mistake. Tara sends her out of the ring and hits the Widow's Peak on Gail for the win.

Winner: Tara

After the match, Madison looks almost scared after she cost Gail the match. We replay the finish as Tara leaves, and Madison helps Gail out of the ring.

We see Garrett Bischoff backstage, and the announcers say we are moments away from finding out who his trainer is.

We come back and Garrett Bischoff's music plays, and he comes out to tell the world who his trainer is. You know brother, something tells me that I already know. Surprise me TNA. Garrett says first of all, he would like to thank the fans for supporting him. Without any further ado, the man that has been training him is..., but his father, Eric Bischoff's music interrupts, and Eric and Gunner both come out. Eric says we've got spies with eyes in the back of their heads, and that his trainer is not here. He tells him to give this up before he gets hurt, but he's interrupted by Hulk Hogan's music, and the Hulkster gets a massive pop from this UK crowd. He really soaks up this reaction as he gets into the ring. As soon as he gets into the ring, he starts hammering on Gunner. Garrett and Hogan take turn with some shots on Gunner. Hulk hits a very slow wide up punch on him to take him out of the ring. Hogan then turns his attention on Eric. Eric screams that he's Garrett's father, but Gunner pulls him out before Hulk could get him. It takes some cat-like reflexes to be faster than Hogan folks. Hogan and Garrett shake hands and celebrate in the middle of the ring. Hulk even rips his shirt for the crowd, revealing his utterly grotesque body. Mike Tenay says we'll hear from both Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan after this commercial.

Back from the break, we hear from Hulk Hogan and Garrett Bischoff. Hulk just puts over Garrett as an underdog basically. Hulk says TNA is destined to be thousands of times greater, and they are right on the Edge of becoming the best company. They're so close right now because they're doing everything right.

We go to the ring, and Bully Ray's music hits, and he comes out for the main event of the evening. Bully shows off his calves before he gets into the ring. James Storm is out next, and he has his ribs and midsection taped from the match earlier tonight.

Bully Ray vs James Storm

Bully asks him how his ribs are, then tells him he'll break his ribs. Bully taunts Storm and gets some good heat from the crowd before they locks up by the corner, which Ray pushes Storm into. Ray takes a shot to his ribs, and screams that he'll break his ribs some more. Storm spits in his face, then explodes with right hands, followed by a Back Body Drop. Ray hits a knee to the ribs to take Storm back down very quickly. Ray continues working over Storm's ribs in the corner. Ray picks him up in a Suplex and slams him down on the ropes before he just stands on the ribs of Storm with all his weight. Ray then locks in a Modified Camel Clutch, wrenching at the face of Storm in the precess before jumping down on the lower back of Storm. Ray then rips off the tape on Storm's midsection before hitting a Scoop Slam. Bobby Roode then makes his way to the ringside area. We go to commercial.

We're back and Storm is in pain in the corner. Sting then comes out as the equalizer to Bobby Roode. Ha, instead of a black baseball bat, he has a Cricket stick. That's great. Bully locks on a Bearhug now, and please tell me I heard the announcers wrong when they said that next week will be a Star Wars edition of Impact. Ray taunts Sting, and then drops a couple of elbows for a two count. This crowd is great. Ray continues working over the ribs of Storm but just rubbing his knee into the back of Storm. Taz mistakenly calls him Bubba instead of Bully, and Storm tries to fight back, but Ray yanks him down by his hair. Ray hits a nice body splash on Storm for another two count. Ray stays in control in the corner, and hits a chop on Storm, followed by a Suplex. Ray then goes up to the middle rope, and he goes for a Senton, but Storm moves out off the way. They're both up at the same time, and Storm gets fired up. He takes down Bully with a couple of Clotheslines, but Ray sends him to the apron. Storm goes for a kick, but it's blocked, but he then ducks a Clothesline and hotshots Ray off the ropes. Storm gets a two count off of a Diving Crossbody, but after the pin quickly gets caught with a Sideslam for a two count. Really sloppy sequence that I think Storm botched, but it took out referee Brian Hebner and Bully Ray. Roode gets into the ring and tries to use the title belt, but Sting quickly follows him and threatens him with the Cricket stick. Ray gets up and turns right into a Last Call Superkick for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

Sting and James Storm celebrate in the ring as we replay some of the closing moments of the match. Roode and Ray both look frustrated as we go off air.

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