Impact Wrestling Results: Impact From England, Hulk Returns - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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We go down to the ring, and Samoe Joe and Magnus come out to a good pop. I thought it would actually be bigger since Magnus is English. Crimson and Matt Morgan are out next. This is a non-title Buckingham Brawl. Interesting rules here. Samoe Joe and Magnus get the advantage.

Buckingham Brawl: Magnus and Samoa Joe vs Crimson and Matt Morgan

Joe and Magnus are both allowed to be in the ring, while Morgan and Crimson have to tag in and out. Joe and Magnus take out Morgan on the apron, but Crimson cathes them both for just a few moments before they take him down and Joe hits a Senton for a two count. They both work over Crimson in the corner with some chops, but Crimson fights out, only to be knocked back down. Crimson again fights both of them, but once again gets knocked down, this time with a Clothesline from Crimson. Joe hits some jabs to Crimson, and Magnus runs his face along the ring ropes. Morgan gets in the ring now, but the referee makes him leave. Crimson moves out of the way of Joe in the corner, and then catches Magnus with an Exploder Suplex. Morgan gets in and throughout a chorus of boos takes out both men, then hits a Fallaway Slam on Magnus. Joe gets sent out of the ring, and Magnus gets hit with a Sideslam for a two count. The crowd boos everything the tag champs do. Joe gets caught witha spear by Crimson, and they start brawling on the arena floor, and Magnus gets caught with a Clotheslien from Magnus. Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint, and Joe comes in, and they hit they're regular Snapmare into an Elbow Drop double team move for the win.

Winner: Magnus and Samoe Joe

This crowd goes nuts as the two men celebrate in the ring. We replay some of the highlights. I can't get over how great this crowd is, and to think I thought Raw's crowd Monday was great.

We see Eric Bischoff arriving backstage, and the announcers put over the possibility of finding out who Garrett Bischoff's trainer is tonight. But first, we go to our second commercial break.

We come back to Eric Bischoff's music. Saw a sign in the crowd that says "TV-PG Sucks." Bischoff gets some heat as he's on his way to the ring, but a lot of fans are bowing to him haha. Oh wow, some little kid is flipping him off in the crowd. Bischoff acts like he's going to flip the kid off, but thinks better of it. Bischoff gets some cheap heat, calling them uncivilized, then recaps the recent story between him and his son, Garrett. He says he's going to burst his son's bubble tonight with a burst of reality. He asks him to come to the ring, and Garrett complies. Eric tells him to enjoy this moment because it's likely to be his last. He says Garrett's goals became fantasy, and for him to think for a second that he's going to bring a trainer in like "him" then it's just a waste of time because "he's" a coward, and won't do anything for Garrett. He says it was a bad choice.

Garrett says he's so sorry that Eric is so upset about his trainer, but if he has such a problem with it, why doesn't he take it up with "him." Eric says he's delusional because everyone here knows he's not coming here tonight. Garrett gets a phone call in the middle of Eric's tirade. Garrett has a disappointed look on his face, and Eric starts to smile. Garrett hangs up and Eric gloats. Garrett says when Eric is right he's right, but when he's wrong, he's so wrong because his trainer is in the building and he'll see Eric later tonight. Garrett leaves the ring, and Eric has a worried look on his face. Up next, Mark Haskins faces X Division Champion, Austin Aries. They also plug Hulk Hogan returning, which leads me to believe he's not Garrett's trainer after all. We go to commercial.

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