Impact Wrestling Results: Impact From England, Hulk Returns - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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We come back with a video package about Mark Haskins. Most of these clips are from house shows since he's only had like 3 TV matches, and one PPV match. Haskins is out first for his match against Aries. Aries gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Mark Haskins vs Austin Aries

Some good chain wrestling to start things off, with Aries having the obvious control. Aries cockily lays along the ring ropes before Haskins gets up. Haskins looks pretty nervous actually as there's some Austin Aries chants that break out. Aries and Haskins get in a shoving match, and Aries sneds Haskins out of the ring, but he skins the cat into a Headscissors, followed by a one-legged Dropkick. Now it's Aries's turn to skin the cat, but he's met with a Dropkick, sending him out of the ring. Haskins goes for a Springboard, but Aries pushes him, causing him to land awkwardly on the ropes. Aries goes up top and hits a Double Axe Handle onto Haskins outside the ring. Aries now hits a Springboard Somersault, followed by an elbow for a two count. Aries sets up Haskins for a Superplex, but Haskins pushes him off. As Haskins clibs up, Aries trips him. Haskins is able to take control again after a missed Dropkick and he Monkey Flips Aries. He goes for a second, but Aries reverses. Haskins is able to hit a double springboard crossbody for a two count. Haskins with an impressive Cutter for another two count. The crowd again chants for Aries as Haskins goes for a Shooting Star Press. Reminiscient of Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX, he botches it, though not that bad. Aries hits a Brainbuster, then locks on the Horns of Aries for the submission victory.

Winner: Austin Aries

Don't expect to see much of Haskins after his own hometown crowd got behind the heel, plus the botched Shooting Star Press didn't help either. We replay some of the highlights, and Haskins is still down in the middle of the ring. Still to come, Tara faces Gail Kim, but up next, former partners collide as James Storm takes on Bobby Roode. We go to break.

We come back with a video package of Brroke Tessmacher in a bikini telling fans to vote for her in her Hooter's contest thingy.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking on the phone trying to get a cab. Sting walks in and tells them to cancel the cab, and forces Eric back into the arena.

James Storm's music hits and he's out for his first of two matches tonight. His opponent, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode is out next.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode

They locks up violently, and Roode takes control, but Storm switches it up, more chain wrestling, and Roode takes him down with a Shoulder Block, only to be caught with a Hip Toss, followed by a Scoop Slam, a Knee Drop and a Leg Drop, which gets a two count. Storm goes for the Last Call as Roode comes out of the corner, and Roode rolls out of the ring to dodge it. We go to commercial as Roode starts to get back in the ring.

We come back with Storm working over Roode in the corner with some Chops. Storm with a knee to the face, but he gets caught with a knee to the gut from Roode. Roode hits some Shoulder Thrusts in the corner, then some chops of his own. Roode hits a Front Suplex for a two count, then rakes the back of Storm. Roode tants to the crowd, and it costs him as Storm starts to fight back with some right hands, but he's caught with a Fireman's Carry Flapjack for a two count. Roode stomps the midsection of Storm, which he has been working on all match. Storm fights to his feet, but gets hit with an elbow. Storm hits an elbow of his own, and then rolls up Roode for a two count. They trade "boo" "yay" punches with each other, and Roode perches himself on the top turnbuckle, but gets caught with an uppercut. Storm goes up top and hits a Super Hurricanrana from the top rope. We get a replay of that one. Storm hits a couple of Clotheslines, then a Forearm, but Roode dodges a Scoopslam, only to be caught with a Backstabber. Storm goes up top with Roode flat on his back, and hits a Diving Elbow Drop for a two count.

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