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Back from the break, we hear from Hulk Hogan and Garrett Bischoff. Hulk just puts over Garrett as an underdog basically. Hulk says TNA is destined to be thousands of times greater, and they are right on the edge of becoming the best company. They're so close right now because they're doing everything right.

We go to the ring, and Bully Ray's music hits, and he comes out for the main event of the evening. Bully shows off his calves before he gets into the ring. James Storm is out next, and he has his ribs and midsection taped from the match earlier tonight.

Bully Ray vs James Storm

Bully asks him how his ribs are, then tells him he'll break his ribs. Bully taunts Storm and gets some good heat from the crowd before they locks up by the corner, which Ray pushes Storm into. Ray takes a shot to his ribs, and screams that he'll break his ribs some more. Storm spits in his face, then explodes with right hands, followed by a Back Body Drop. Ray hits a knee to the ribs to take Storm back down very quickly. Ray continues working over Storm's ribs in the corner. Ray picks him up in a Suplex and slams him down on the ropes before he just stands on the ribs of Storm with all his weight. Ray then locks in a Modified Camel Clutch, wrenching at the face of Storm in the precess before jumping down on the lower back of Storm. Ray then rips off the tape on Storm's midsection before hitting a Scoop Slam. Bobby Roode then makes his way to the ringside area. We go to commercial.

We're back and Storm is in pain in the corner. Sting then comes out as the equalizer to Bobby Roode. Ha, instead of a black baseball bat, he has a Cricket stick. That's great. Bully locks on a Bearhug now, and please tell me I heard the announcers wrong when they said that next week will be a Star Wars edition of Impact. Ray taunts Sting, and then drops a couple of elbows for a two count. This crowd is great. Ray continues working over the ribs of Storm but just rubbing his knee into the back of Storm. Taz mistakenly calls him Bubba instead of Bully, and Storm tries to fight back, but Ray yanks him down by his hair. Ray hits a nice body splash on Storm for another two count. Ray stays in control in the corner, and hits a chop on Storm, followed by a Suplex. Ray then goes up to the middle rope, and he goes for a Senton, but Storm moves out off the way. They're both up at the same time, and Storm gets fired up. He takes down Bully with a couple of Clotheslines, but Ray sends him to the apron. Storm goes for a kick, but it's blocked, but he then ducks a Clothesline and hotshots Ray off the ropes. Storm gets a two count off of a Diving Crossbody, but after the pin quickly gets caught with a Sideslam for a two count. Really sloppy sequence that I think Storm botched, but it took out referee Brian Hebner and Bully Ray. Roode gets into the ring and tries to use the title belt, but Sting quickly follows him and threatens him with the Cricket stick. Ray gets up and turns right into a Last Call Superkick for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

Sting and James Storm celebrate in the ring as we replay some of the closing moments of the match. Roode and Ray both look frustrated as we go off air.

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