Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video

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Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video
We start the show with Mike Tenay welcoming us to the very first Impact outside the US. We are in London tonight, and we get a video package highlighting how Impact took over Wembley for this show. Nice, I like it. This is such a hot crowd.

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray come out to start the show, and this crowd is all over them with heat. The crowd greets them with some thunderous "You suck" chants once the music stops playing. Ray asks how many of these people came to see Jeff Hardy, and a lot of them cheer, but Bully says they aren't going to see Hardy tonight. He says it's because him and Roode made sure of it, so they must be his suppliers. Oh, they're referring to how they put him through a table on the last Impact, not...well never mind. Roode says it feels so good to be back in Ireland, this gets some massive heat. Bully whispers in his ear, and Roode asks what's the difference between Ireland and England. He says they don't suck, and the crowd has a different opinion. Roode says Ray is big, bad, and tough, and he is the "it" factor, and the leader of the selfish generation. Not to mention the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I swear I just saw a guy in the crowd wearing a Sultan mask. Roode says they didn't finish the job last week, so James Storm get out here. The crowd is chanting that they want someone really loud, but I can't tell who.

James Storm gets a huge pop when he comes out. This show could be the worst one of the year, but I still think it'll be the best crowd. Storm gets in the ring, and Roode hides behind the Bully. Ray says to not even think of coming close to Roode. He's interrupted by the Stinger's music, and outcomes the General Menace to another huge pop. There's lots of fans with Sting's face paint on. Sting says it's showtime, and this is the perfect opportunity for an update on Jeff Hardy. He tells Bully to shut up, and then says that Jeff Hardy is doing really good, and that he'll be ready by Against All Odds, which is perfect, so he's made a four way for the World Title between Roode, Ray, Storm, and JEff Hardy at the PPV. He says as far as tonight goes, no handicap matches, but Storm interrupts him and say she wants Roode and Ray. Sting says he'll get both of them in that case, starting with Ray, and ending with Roode. So I'm guessing two matches, though he doesn't specify. Sting says ta ta and his music plays.

Mike Tenay says that tonight, Hulk Hogan returns to Impact Wrestling, and he confirms that it will be two separate matches, James Storm vs Bully Ray, and James Storm vs Bobby Roode. We go to commercial.

Back from the break, we get Garrett Bischoff walking backstage on the phone with someone, who he tells to give him a call when he arrives. I'm guessing that it's his trainer.

We go down to the ring, and Samoe Joe and Magnus come out to a good pop. I thought it would actually be bigger since Magnus is English. Crimson and Matt Morgan are out next. This is a non-title Buckingham Brawl. Interesting rules here. Samoe Joe and Magnus get the advantage.

Buckingham Brawl: Magnus and Samoa Joe vs Crimson and Matt Morgan

Joe and Magnus are both allowed to be in the ring, while Morgan and Crimson have to tag in and out. Joe and Magnus take out Morgan on the apron, but Crimson cathes them both for just a few moments before they take him down and Joe hits a Senton for a two count. They both work over Crimson in the corner with some chops, but Crimson fights out, only to be knocked back down. Crimson again fights both of them, but once again gets knocked down, this time with a Clothesline from Crimson. Joe hits some jabs to Crimson, and Magnus runs his face along the ring ropes. Morgan gets in the ring now, but the referee makes him leave. Crimson moves out of the way of Joe in the corner, and then catches Magnus with an Exploder Suplex. Morgan gets in and throughout a chorus of boos takes out both men, then hits a Fallaway Slam on Magnus. Joe gets sent out of the ring, and Magnus gets hit with a Sideslam for a two count. The crowd boos everything the tag champs do. Joe gets caught witha spear by Crimson, and they start brawling on the arena floor, and Magnus gets caught with a clothesline from Magnus. Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint, and Joe comes in, and they hit they're regular Snapmare into an Elbow Drop double team move for the win.

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